Healthy and fit ala Meghan Markle, Prospective Wife of Prince Harry - Healthy and fit ala Meghan Markle, Prospective Wife of Prince Harry. Meghan Markle, an American actress, will be married to Prince Harry of the United Kingdom on May 19, 2018. The show will be held lively and witnessed directly by almost all residents of Great Britain.

 Healthy and fit ala Meghan Markle, Prospective Wife of Prince Harry

As has been reported previously, Prince Harry himself tried to lose weight by undergoing a strict diet program of carbohydrates. Despite the controversy, the news mentioned that the diet was successful in lowering its weight.

Harry's Diet supposedly directed by the fiancee, Markle. Not just directing, Markle himself also apply a healthy lifestyle that makes him stay fit until now.

As you can see now, Markle comes up with a slim and ideal body. How to? Reported Prevention, it turns out he applied the diet below.

Healthy lifestyle ala Meghan Markle

Meghan ate french fries, drank wine, and indulged in ice cream. The key to healthy eating is nutritious plant foods that are naturally low in calories but high in fiber. Only everything that contains plant-based, not with animal.

"I try to be vegan in the middle of the week, but it's more flexible on weekends," he said

Markle confessed that what he lived at this time was not a diet, but only a healthy lifestyle. He does not feel restrained by all kinds of dietary rules. Even today Markle still consume all foods containing carbohydrates such as fries and pasta.

"The same goes for wine, of course I want to drink a glass of wine, it's good and I enjoy it," said Markle.

Markle explicitly admits that he will do what he likes and not try to curb him. However, he tried to recognize the boundaries in his body and did what felt good.

Even so, Markle claims to avoid everything that he thinks is bad for the body. For example, eating too much food or drink.

Then, what food is currently a counterweight to all consumption above? Markle mentions them one by one.

"Hummus, carrots, green juice, almond milk and chia seed pudding that I make myself every week It's easy to cook and tastes good, I love cooking," says Markle.

Apart from healthy food intake, Markle maintains his health with meditation and exercise. Markle also confessed that his mother was a yoga instructor so that the exercise routine was already flowing in his blood.

Long before getting engaged to Prince Harry, Markle is a figure who regularly exercises and his activities are often uploaded on social media accounts. He does things like pilates, runs, and yoga to keep him lean and strong.

"Running is always a form of my moving meditation, because it helps to get all the fatigue in my head," he said.

According to dr. Nitish Basant Adnani from KlikDokter, you should pay attention to several factors, such as maintaining calorie intake and regular exercise, in order to maintain health as well as weight to remain ideal. These two things can not be separated.

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"Sport is expected to run at least 3 times a week with a duration of at least 30 minutes and moderate intensity. Suggested sports are aerobic, such as swimming, running, walking fast, cycling, and so on, followed by weightlifting. Combination of aerobic exercise and weight lifting is effective to help keep the weight to remain ideal, "said dr. Nitish.

If you want to look healthy and fit like Meghan Markle, the future wife of Prince Harry, just follow the ways above. Watch your diet, and exercise regularly. Not only the slim body gained, but also the overall health.
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