Know The Causes Of Sperm Liquid And How To Overcome It -   Know The Causes Of Sperm Liquid And How To Overcome ItDilute sperm or semen is clear and thin is a temporary condition and generally not a serious health disorder. However, the condition may indicate the possibility of impaired fertility. Here are some of the causes and ways to overcome the watery sperm you need to know.

 Know The Causes Of Sperm Liquid And How To Overcome It

The semen is a fluid containing sperm released through the penis when a man ejaculates. The semen serves as a medium for transporting sperm to the egg cell in the process of fertilization. Normally, semen is thick and white or grayish when discharged. The semen that has been released will melt after 5-40 minutes.

Various Conditions That Cause Liquid Sperm

Dilated semen or sperm occurs when the body produces sperm in low numbers or below the average number of normal sperm. Before reviewing how to cope with watery sperm, you should know what causes of dilute sperm for handling is done according to the conditions.

Density and color of semen may change due to certain factors and conditions. Here are some of the causes that allow watery sperm:

The reproductive system is immature

A normal dilute semen is found in adolescent boys aged 11-15 years. This is because the reproductive system at that age is not yet perfect. Generally adolescent men who just entered puberty also still experienced adjustment levels of intimate hormones, so the quality of sperm is not perfect.

The frequency of ejaculation

Too often ejaculating, through intimateual intercourse or masturbation, can affect the quantity and quality of semen. In addition to decreased quality, semen will also be more dilute in the second, third, and so on ejaculation. Your body takes a few hours to rest to produce semen with healthy and normal quality and quantity.

Low sperm production

Low sperm count, which is less than 15 million cells per milliliter of semen, is the cause of watery sperm in adults. Here are some conditions that potentially cause the number of sperm to be a little is:
Oligospermia, a condition in which the amount of sperm produced is very low. This can be caused by intimateually transmitted diseases, inflammation of reproductive organs, tumors, hormonal imbalance, and varicocele.

Retrograde ejaculation or inverted ejaculation, a condition in which sperm does not come out, but into the bladder during a history History of having prostate surgery is generally the main cause of retrograde ejaculation.

The emergence of antisperm antibodies, the antibodies produced by the immune system, which mistakenly respond to sperm as foreign matter. These antisperm antibodies can appear in both men and women.

Accidents or injuries to the organ that serves to distribute.

Lack of zinc

Lack of zinc (zinc) minerals can potentially make low sperm counts. A study showed that zinc or zinc sulfate may help counteract the effects of antispermic antibodies that affect sperm production.

Environment and lifestyle

The quality of semen can also be affected by the environment in which you live and work, diet, and lifestyle. Smoking habits and consuming alcoholic beverages over long periods of time can also decrease the quality of your sperm.

Encer's Sperm and Its Relation to Fertility

The viscosity and stickiness of semen serves to make it stick longer in the female reproductive organs, thus increasing the chances of sperm meeting the egg for fertilization. In addition, the viscosity of semen can also affect the movement of sperm to fertilize the egg. However, watery sperm are not always associated with fertility problems. Having a low sperm count also does not absolute eliminate the possibility to get pregnant.

To know and determine semen and sperm healthy and normal, not enough to see it physically. Need an examination of sperm analysis and consultation with a specialist urologist or andrology. Sperm analysis aims to examine the quality, quantity, and health of sperm and semen. Sperm analysis consists of examination of semen volume, time of melting semen, acidity (pH), sperm count, and motility, size and shape of sperm.

How to Overcome Sperm Encer

Here are some tips to overcome dilute sperm and help improve the quality of sperm, among others:
  • Set a healthy diet and life
Consumption of nutritious foods, especially foods containing zinc, such as nuts and lean meats. The reason, zinc has an important role in stabilizing genetic material in sperm. To improve your lifestyle, exercise regularly, and stop smoking and drink alcohol.
  • Maintain ideal weight
Obesity is known to affect the quality and number of sperm. Research shows that men who are overweight are more at risk for decreased quality and sperm count. Therefore, maintaining ideal body weight is thought to help improve sperm quality.
  • Avoid exposure to toxic substances
Toxic substances contained in pollution and certain chemicals can affect sperm quality. Therefore, if you have a job risk exposed to certain toxic substances, it is advisable to wear personal protective equipment to reduce the risk of entry of toxins into the body.

In many cases, changes in sperm consistency are temporary and can be treated with a variety of treatments and treatments. Dilute sperm caused by low sperm count does not necessarily require treatment.

But generally to cope with watery sperm, the treatment is based on underlying causes of low sperm production. If caused by infection, it needs treatment with antibiotics. Hormone treatment can also be recommended if hormonal imbalances are the cause. If the diagnosis indicates a varicocele, surgical procedures will be required.

For couples looking for a baby, there are many treatments available to treat watery sperm and increase sperm count. Consult a physician to discuss the best treatment options for you according to the diagnosis of your condition and your partner. So, do not hesitate to see a doctor to deal with sperm dilute that occurs continuously.

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