Mother, It's What Baby Learned Since In Gynecology - Mother, It's What Baby Learned Since In Gynecology. Do not think the womb where the baby shelter in the stomach of Mother, as a quiet place silent. In the womb a baby can hear various sounds, including hearing the conversations made by the people around them, seeing little beams of light, and beginning to distinguish the taste of the food consumed by Mother. These things can help babies learn since the womb.

Mother, It's What Baby Learned Since In Gynecology

When pregnant, Mother's womb is like a playground for Little. Activities such as stretching, moving, to kicking are the way of filling the time and responding to what he hears and feels. Starting from the 20 weeks' gestation age all these wonders slowly he learned as a preparation for life when he was born later.

The Five Infant Senses Start On

When pregnant, Mother may often talk to Little While rubbing her stomach. Although impressed to speak for themselves, but the baby can actually hear what the Mother said, although not yet able to fully respond. Not just listening, baby has also started to learn the language that Mother uses, and this has been proven through research.

In addition there are many things that have been learned since the Small in the womb Mother, namely:
  • Sound
It is not right to think the uterus is a soundproof place. From there the baby can also hear various sounds, starting from the organs inside the mother's body. Such as the sound of heartbeat, blood flow, hiccups, belching, to the sounds of the environment around her mother, like the sound of music or conversation.

Among all the sounds known to Little, the voice of the Mother was the thing she remembered most. Even when Mother invited her to speak, the baby's heartbeat was more stable as if it were quieter. Shortly after birth, the baby is able to distinguish which of his mother's voice and where the voice of a stranger.
  • Language
Since in the womb, the baby already has the ability to hear. This is evidenced from the results of research that shows, the first thing he learned in the womb is the mother tongue. Babies learn this not only when they hear their mothers talk, but also from the voices of those who communicate with the mother. Although not yet understand the meaning of each word he heard, but the baby can distinguish it through the rhythm and tone of speech.
  • Light
Babies' eyesight generally begins to function in the 7th month of pregnancy. Although there is no view in the womb, but from research, the baby is able to recognize the presence of light around it. Research says, if the mother's stomach is illuminated with a flashlight, the baby will move in response to the soft bundle of the glow of the light in the womb. From research through ultrasound examination, it is known the baby's eyes will more often open and close when approaching labor time, as if practicing flashing.
  • Flavors
When pregnant women eat, not only for themselves but also for babies in the womb. What is eaten by the mother, it will be carried to the amniotic fluid. There is some scientific evidence to suggest that babies begin to taste sour, sweet, and bitter, since the 14th week of pregnancy. Interestingly again, the taste he used to taste in the womb would affect his appetite when he was born. For that, pregnant women are encouraged to consume food and beverages with a variety of flavors, to sharpen the senses of baby taste later.
  • Sleep Patterns
Through ultrasound examination, it was found that the baby's sleep patterns in the womb actually resemble those of a born baby. They spend a lot of time sleeping, especially in a quiet atmosphere, when mothers do not have much activity. However, there are times when Mother feels the Little Person is so calm, when he is concentrating on a thing. For example, at moments spoken to by Mother.
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Helping Babies Learn Since In Gynecology

So far, the communication and music that babies listen to in the womb are considered useful to help the level of intelligence and future growth. Unfortunately, this has not been sufficiently proven in the study.

Listening to music or talking to babies in the womb, is thought to help babies get to know their mothers more closely. This activity will also make you feel relaxed and reduce stress, so that it can be better prepared for labor.

In addition, there are some activities that are considered to help babies learn in the womb, among them are reading stories and doing yoga exercises. There are also techniques developed in the Netherlands to help the fetus learn, ie focus on touch techniques. It is also believed to help improve the bond between parents and infants.

Whatever Mother chose to help the baby learn in the womb, do it carefully. If necessary, consult a physician first to confirm it.
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