Skinny Body, Has Definitely HIV Symptoms? - Skinny Body, Has Definitely HIV Symptoms?. Human Immunodeficiency Virus aka HIV is a dangerous disease, which can affect anyone. This disease provides symptoms that vary, depending on the severity. One of the most visible signs of HIV is a thin body. So, whether someone who has a thin body is certain to have HIV?
Skinny Body, Has Definitely HIV Symptoms?

Before you know the answer, you need to first know about the stages of HIV symptoms according to dr. Fiona Amelia follows:

● HIV symptoms stage I

Early HIV symptoms are similar to viral infections in general. These symptoms usually occur 2-6 weeks after the body is infected. HIV symptoms that appear in the first stage, among them:
1.     Headache
2.     Nausea and vomiting
3.     Diarrhea
4.     Fatigue
5.     Muscle ache
6.     Pain during swallowing
7.     No itchy red rash that appears on the chest

● HIV symptoms stage II

According to dr. Fiona Amelia, in the second stage, people with HIV usually do not experience significant symptoms within a period of approximately 10 years. If it arises, the symptoms may be:

1.     Weight loss for no apparent reason, which ultimately leads to a thin body.
2.     Upper respiratory infections that often recur.
3.     Itching on the skin.
4.     Inflammation of the mouth.
5.     Fungal infections of the nails and fingers.

● HIV stage III symptoms

When entering the third stage, people with HIV will experience typical symptoms. In fact, most sufferers feel a very weak body and not powerful. In addition, other HIV symptoms that appear at this stage include:
1.     Weight loss is more severe than the previous one.
2.     Chronic diarrhea.
3.     Inflammation of the mouth acute.
4.     Night sweats.
5.     Difficulty breathing.
6.     Easily bleeding or bruising.

● Symptomatic HIV stage IV

Upon entering this stage, HIV infection will turn into AIDS. The symptoms that appear, including:
1.     HIV wasting syndrome, in which the patient will experience a thin and non-muscular body.
2.     Pulmonary infection.
3.     Hard to breathe.
4.     Great headache and persistent.
5.     Injuries to the genitals and anus.

Skinny Body is definitely a symptom of HIV?

The answer is no. In other words, someone who has a thin body does not mean he has HIV. Because basically, the skinny body itself can occur due to conditions other than HIV.

According to dr. Resthie Rachmanta Putri, conditions that can cause a person to have a thin body, among others:

1. Heredity or genetics

If you have a mother, father, grandfather or grandmother who has a thin body, your chances of experiencing the same condition will increase multiply.

2. Less caloric intake

Calorie is a nutrient that becomes the main fuel source of the body. So, if you are short of calories, your body will burn fat as a backup energy source. The more fat burned to fuel the body, the greater the likelihood of a thin body.

3. Hyperthyroidism

This disease causes increased metabolism, which resulted in more organs more active than usual. This situation makes the body needs more energy to work with the maximum.

If the person with the disease is not able to meet the daily caloric needs, then his body will burn fat deposits as energy. As a result, a thin body can no longer be avoided.

4. Tuberculosis

Bacterial infections Mycobacterium tuberculosis that attacks the lungs, lymph nodes, and other organs can lead to lean body. This is because when the body is exposed to the infection of the germ that causes tuberculosis, the metabolism will increase to fight the infection that occurred.
5. Cancer

Most cases of cancer start with symptoms of fever, body sweats at night, and weight loss for no apparent reason.

From the above explanation, it can be concluded that the skinny body is uncertain of the symptoms of HIV. Especially if you do not have a history of risky behavior, such as alternating partners, having intimate with same-intimate couples, or using needle-sharing drugs.

However, although a thin body is not only a symptom of HIV, it could not hurt for you to see a doctor, to ensure the presence or absence of disease that hides behind the condition of your body.

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