Tips to Prevent and Overcome Ulcer When Pregnant - Tips to Prevent and Overcome Ulcer When Pregnant. Heartburn is one of the complaints that can occur during pregnancy. In addition to heartburn, there are also some other complaints such as headaches, back pain, and so forth.

Tips to Prevent and Overcome Ulcer When Pregnant

Heartburn can be caused by many things, including hormonal changes and pressure experienced by changes in the enlarged uterus. When the ulcer relaps, the stomach will feel uncomfortable and may interfere with your activity. Can stomach ulcers prevent pregnancy?

Tips to prevent ulcers during pregnancy

Although very uncomfortable, but ulcers can actually be avoided in a simple way, namely setting a good meal. Avoid eating fatty foods, spicy or acid foods that trigger heartburn.

In addition, avoid eating too much during pregnancy. Many think that during pregnancy need to eat a lot to meet the nutritional needs of mother and fetus. Although the caloric needs of pregnant women increases, but pregnant women actually do not need to eat with excess portion. Eating too much can also cause complaints of heartburn during pregnancy.

One of the tips that you can try to keep eating a lot during pregnancy is by eating in small portions, but over and over. If you usually eat in large portions up to three times a day, you can work around by eating in small portions as much as five to six times a day.

Overcoming ulcer during pregnancy

When the ulcer relapse, you can relieve it by drinking warm honey drink or mint tea. If this does not help, then you should take medication ulcer. Consult in advance with your obstetrician related ulcer drug that will be consumed because pregnant women can not take medication maag carelessly.
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If you are given antacids, then avoid taking antacids with iron supplements. The content in antacids can affect the absorption of iron in the body.
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