4 Things That Could Be Your Cause Easy to Rage All Day

Roseous.com4 Things That Could Be Your Cause Easy to Rage All DayEveryone must have exploded angry at least once in a lifetime. Maybe it's because you get stuck in traffic or because you miss the train so you're late to the office. But sometimes, some people are more irritable without any obvious cause. Likes to get angry does not juntrungannya can also damage the mood of the people around you. In fact, whose name there is smoke there must be fire. Therefore, identify the things that may be why you are lately easy to ignite so you can immediately find a way to overcome them.

 4 Things That Could Be Your Cause Easy to Rage All Day

Unconscious things make you irritable

1. Lack of sleep

It's not unusual if lack of sleep makes someone easy emotional. Lack of sleep can cause alertness and decreased brain concentration. So no wonder if after many hours of sleep you become confused yourself, difficult to think clearly, difficult to remember, to be difficult to receive new information. As a result, your productivity dropped sharply that could lead to stress. Stress due to job demands coupled with the effects of lack of sleep can make you explode like a time bomb.

This is reinforced by research from the University of Pennsylvania who reported that people who only sleep 4.5 hours every night for a full week are more irritable, sad, stressed, and tired. When they are asked to sleep for 7-8 hours, their mood looks better and stable than the previous days.

2. Depression

In addition to causing despair and suffering and losing interest in the things you normally like, depression can also cause a person to get angry easily. In fact, sometimes, depressed people can respond to a thing with rude behavior or speech. Depression may also make someone do things risky, for example like driving recklessly at high speed.

Depression should not be underestimated. If lately you are often angry but feel very tired and not energized to move, also always feel depressed, you should consult a doctor to get the right diagnosis and treatment.

3. Anxiety disorders

Julie de Azevedo Hanks, Ph.D., LCSW, a family therapist in America, says that anxiety disorders or excessive anxiety can make a person difficult to regulate his emotions.

People who are anxious tend to be negative about something, when in fact it has not happened even potentially good. As a result, when situations arise are quite challenging or when provoked with uncomfortable conditions, they meluapkannya with anger.

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The difficulty of controlling these negative feelings and thoughts ultimately makes a person show his emotions in a way angry.

4. Hope does not match reality

In life, you definitely have a variety of expectations from trivial to long-term business. But when the reality is not in accordance with expectations, for example, only get the value of B + when expecting A or hoping to rise but did not, this can trigger explosive emotions exploded in some people.

Take control of your anger to make life feel better

In addition to the various things that have been mentioned, there are still many things that could be the cause of your irritability. Therefore, try to find the cause factor so you can decide what steps should be taken to reduce irritability.

In addition, it is also important to control the anger so as not to peak. One of the easiest ways is to take a deep breath and eject it slowly. Perform this relaxation technique until you feel better.
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