5 Heating Movements Suitable for Children Before Starting Sports

Roseous.com5 Heating Movements Suitable for Children Before Starting SportsWarming is important to do before exercising, and do not get forgotten. Not just adults who need to warm up, small children also need to stretch the muscles of the body before the "jump" physical activity - be it for sports or just play with friends. What is the importance of warming up for children, and what are the moves you can model for children?

5 Heating Movements Suitable for Children Before Starting Sports

Children also have to warm up before physical activity

There are several reasons why young children are strongly encouraged to stretch the muscles before starting to move actively running around, among them:
  • Prevent children from injury during exercise such as sprain, cramps, or muscle tension.
  • Helps the body's recovery after exercise.
  • Keeping the child's body flexible and flexible as they begin to grow up.
  • Expand the gestures of the body.
  • Increases joint and bone strength.
  • Helps increase blood flow to muscles.

Generally, young children are encouraged to stretch the muscles with duration per movement ranging from 10 to 30 seconds.

What are the warming stretches for children?

Warming up for a child ideally includes a stretching motion to the maximum extent of its range. Withdrawal of muscles can train the muscles of his body more flexible even when in resting conditions.

Stretching can be done statically or dynamically. Stretching is statistically more focused on holding the muscle until it contracts close to the range of its range, while dynamic stretching is done with repetitive motion without holding it to contract. Static stretching will usually be more effective to relax muscles, while dynamic stretching is done to help muscle flexibility in movement.

Here are some stretching moves for children to try at home:

1. Child's poses

Child's pose or Sansekertanya called balasana is one of the yoga movements performed to take a breath. This movement is suitable to be warmed up for children before the sport, as well as can also become cool after the sport.

To perform this movement, sit with a kneeling position where the butt is on the sole of the foot. Slowly bend over the child's body with his hands placed over his head and let his forehead touch the floor. Hold this movement for 20 to 30 seconds.

2. Shoulder stretch

Raise your child's left arm forward, parallel to his chest. Bend the right hand to hold his left arm, so that the shoulders are lifted. Hold this movement for 30 seconds or until your baby feels the maximum stretch in his arm muscle. Then repeat on the opposite arm

3. Hamstring stretch

Ask your child to sit on the mat with your back straight and your left leg straight ahead and make sure your toes are pointing upwards. Bend your right foot and place your right foot along the knee or inner thighs of the left foot. Then, try to reach your left toes and set your breath. Hold this movement for 10 seconds, release and repeat with the other foot.

4. Side stretch

Position the child standing with feet shoulder-width apart. Put his right hand on his right hip and left hand upward. Slowly lean to the right as if trying to touch his right shoulder with his left hand. Hold the stretch for 10 seconds, return to the starting position and do the same movement with the different sides.

5. Straddler stretch

Position the child sitting with both legs wide open. Put your arms and palms on the floor. Gently bend his body forward until his chest approaches the floor. Make sure the back position is straight. Exhale and hold for 10 seconds. Return to starting position and inhale.

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If your child gets injured or is practicing for a particular sport, consult a physical therapist or athletic trainer in order to determine the safest and most effective way to stretch.

Muscle stretching is also important after exercise
Not just before exercise, your child is also encouraged to stretch the muscles after a physical activity. In essence, whenever your child's muscles feel tight or tight, he is advised to stretch.
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