5 Questions About Intimate Required to Ask a Couple Before The First Night

Roseous.com - 5 Questions About Intimate Required to Ask a Couple Before The First NightThere are many things you need to discuss well before marriage. One is about intimate. Talking about intimate before you both are "legitimate" is important because intimate can not be denied is one of the main foundations in building a harmonious home. Talking about intimate before marriage with a partner can also help each side to unite understand and get to know each other more deeply. Here are some questions about intimate that you should ask each other for each other.

5 Questions About Sex Required to Ask a Couple Before The First Night

Questions about intimate that you must ask each other

Chat intimate may not be as free as talking about who your favorite singer or what you did this week. So to be more comfortable and flexible to discuss this intimate problem, make an appointment with a partner to provide a special time for the sake of vent four eyes.

Anything to ask about intimate before marriage? Remember, you both need to be completely honest, in answer!

1. Have you had intimate before?

Before asking this question about the most sensitive intimate, ask yourself if you are ready to hear the answer. Will the answer be contrary to the principle you have been holding firmly? If yes, what would you do?

To remember, intimate activity itself has many forms, ranging from kissing, making out (foreplay), sweeping the genitals (petting / dry humping), masturbation, oral intimate, to penile penetration. Your spouse may have gotten a blowjob from his ex-boyfriend first, but thinks it's just kidding while you do not think that way.

So, first equate your understanding of what intimate is. Then, you need to think about the right reaction in accordance with the answer he gave. For example, "are you always mutually intimate partners?" Or "did you wear a condom back then?"

You also need to consider the partner's reaction when he turns to ask you. Be honest about your intimate life all the time. From there, discuss together what plans are going forward.

2. Have you ever tested vaginal diseases or HPV injections before?

If you or your partner have had intimate (either with or without a condom) before, the next thing to ask is whether they have ever had a previous venereal disease test.

Ask also about his medical history, especially about what vaccines have been done by the couple. The HPV vaccine is one of the most important vaccines available for both men and women who have had intimate.

According to Debby Herbenick, Ph.D., professor of Indiana University, many people have not realized that they have actually contracted venereal disease. In fact, this could potentially transmit the disease to her partner.

3. Should we use condoms (or other contraceptives) for so on?

The decision to use contraception to postpone pregnancy should be discussed both from long before binding on an appointment. The reason, your partner may want to quickly have children after marriage, while you want to enjoy the honeymoon period first.

If you both plan not to rush, the use of condoms or birth control pills for a while may be a solution. Meanwhile, if you are both solid not wanting to have children, may be able to use other more permanent ways, such as vasectomy or tubectomy.

Regardless of whether or not you want to have children, the use of condoms forever during intimate even though it is a husband and wife status should also be considered if one of you is diagnosed with a positive intimateually transmitted disease. It aims to avoid the effect of pingpong disease transmission.

4. What do you expect / want from our intimate after marriage?

Intimate is an activity that should benefit both parties involved. So it's important to ask what he or she wants and wants from you during intimate in the future. Vice versa. You need to clearly communicate what you want from a partner around intimate once it is legally married.

For example, do you plan to have children after marriage and when exactly. Or, disclose how often you want to have intimate in a week or conditions like what makes you not want to have intimate first. For example when tired or when busy dikekang deadline office.

You can talk to each other about anything that makes you excited (and what's deadly), intimateual fantasies, challenging intimate positions you've been wanting to try, to things you do not want to do in bed. Talking about these things long before the first night can help each other to know what to expect in the future.

5. Come, health check before marriage?

Before steady sacred promises, it's good to invite your spouse to undergo premarital checkup together. The goal is to know each other whether each has a "talent" genetic disease or other health problems that can affect both of you and / or decrease in the next generation.

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