5 Tips Make Face Tight Free Fat

Roseous.com5 Tips Make Face Tight Free FatFacial skin is beautiful, healthy and fat-free fast is one of the things that coveted women. Face toned means free of fat accumulated one of which causes the cheeks pierced. This condition often makes a person feel insecure because of the fat effect. No wonder, many people are doing various ways to shrink cheeks.

So, how to reduce fat that accumulate in the face? Launched from the page Healthline, here are tips for getting fat-free face.

1. Facial gymnastics

Facial exercises can be used to improve facial appearance, combat premature aging, and increase muscle strength. Doing facial exercises regularly can also help shrink cheeks and tighten facial muscles.

How to do it is very easy. Glue the fingers to both cheeks, then massage with a circular motion in the opposite direction. This facial gymnastics you can do regularly every day.

2. Sports

Often, excess fat on your face is the impact of weight gain. Lose weight can help eliminate fat and help slim body, as well as face.

Cardio exercise or aerobic exercise are all types of physical activity that can increase your heart rate. This physical exercise is widely regarded as one of the most effective methods for losing weight. Several studies have shown that cardio workouts can help improve fat burning.

Try exercising for 150-300 minutes each week, which is about 20-40 minutes each day. Some common examples of cardio exercises include running, walking, cycling, and swimming.

3. Diligent drinking water

Drinking water is very important for overall health and its role is quite crucial if you want to remove the fat on the face. Studies also show that drinking enough water can make you feel full and control your weight.

In fact, there is one small study in older adults, who found that drinking water at breakfast reduced the caloric intake to about 13 percent. Meanwhile, other studies show that drinking water can increase metabolism by 24 percent. Keep your body hydrated well.

4. Limit intake of alcoholic beverages

Not only high in calories, alcoholic beverages are known to be low in nutrients and may be associated with an increased risk of weight gain. Alcoholic beverages are diuretic, which may cause fluid retention (the continuous detention of normal body fluids should be excreted) leading to a high risk of swollen and swollen face.

Maintaining alcohol consumption is one way to control bloating and weight gain. According to the US Dietary Guidelines, the normal dosage limit of consuming alcoholic drinks is a maximum of two cups for men and one for women.

5. Reduce sodium intake

One characteristic of the apparent excess sodium is bloating, and this can also contribute to facial swelling. This happens because sodium binds water in the body.

Some studies show that too high sodium intake may increase fluid retention, especially in those more sensitive to salt effects. Sodium is commonly found in savory snacks, processed meats, and all kinds of foods that have too much salt. Reduce the intake of sodium so that water in the body can come out.

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Not only apply the five tips mentioned above, keep the sleep patterns fairly and regularly. This is important because if you lack sleep, you will be susceptible to stress and ultimately can impact on weight gain.

"The habit of sleeping late at night aka staying up can interfere with the function of digestive organs in absorbing and utilizing food nutrition and interfere with the production of cell hormone rejuvenation in humans," said dr. Kartika Mayasari from KlikDokter confirms the importance of quality rest.

To get a free face fat-free, do not forget to also protect facial skin from exposure to sunlight. In addition keep the facial hygiene, and eat foods high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory such as vegetables and fruit are colorful. Consumption is also a sufficient protein, as well as omega-3 fatty acids. Avoid also known bad habits for skin like smoking. Also, limit caffeine consumption.
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