6 Health Benefits Participate in Family Planning

Roseous.com6 Health Benefits Participate in Family PlanningThe Family Planning Program (KB) has been proclaimed by the government for over a decade. One effort to make it happen is by using contraception. But until 2017, the National Population and Family Planning Board reported that only 61 percent of fertile couples in Indonesia are using contraceptives.

6 Health Benefits Participate in Family Planning

Furthermore, of all contraceptive users, one-third use contraceptives incessantly. This suggests that many people do not understand the true benefits of contraception. Here are six healthy benefits to join Family Planning program:

1. Respect mother's right to control fertility

Although caring and raising children is the responsibility of married couples, but her life is most affected by the arrival of the baby. For at least 2 years after delivery, the mother should focus on breastfeeding, raising children, and making adjustments to her body changes.

By doing contraception, pregnancy can be arranged better. Mother can work as she wants, either as housewife, working mother, or taking further education. Remember, controlling fertility and pregnancy is the right of the mother.

2. Protect the mother from reproductive health disorders

Pregnancy at too young, too old, or near-term pregnancy is a risky pregnancy. Pregnant women are at risk of complications during pregnancy, such as hypertension, pregnancy poisoning (preeclampsia), premature labor, and so on.

By conducting Family Planning programs, pregnancy can be better planned so that the risk of reproductive disorders in the mother can be avoided. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that there are 100,000 maternal deaths that can be prevented each year, if couples use contraception well.

3. Protect the child from growing disorders and growth disorders health

Pregnant before the age of 21 years or after the age of 35 years without proper preparation, or near-term pregnancy, is not only harmful to the mother, but also to the baby it contains. Babies become at high risk of premature birth, underweight birth weight, growth disorders, respiratory problems, mental retardation, and much more.

4. Lowering the risk of cancer

Some types of contraceptives may decrease the risk of certain cancers. Estrogen and progesterone combined hormonal contraceptive methods can reduce the risk of ovarian cancer and endometrial cancer. In addition, contraceptives containing progesterone alone can reduce the risk of myomas in the uterus.

5. Shrink the risk of pelvic inflammatory disease

Pelvic inflammatory disease is an infectious disease that attacks the uterus and the woman's obstructive tract. Often the disease is asymptomatic, but results in impaired fertility. Implant type contrast (implant) and sterilization (tubectomy) may protect women from pelvic inflammatory disease.

6. Maintain mental health

Data proves that cases of postpartum depression and psychosis (hallucinations and wisdom) are more commonly experienced by fathers or mothers who have children in the distance too close. By arranging pregnancy through family planning programs, fathers and mothers can better prepare for pregnancy and welcome the baby so that her mental health is maintained better.

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After knowing the healthy benefits of contraception, you need to know who should join the Family Planning program. BKKBN designed this program for the following fertile couples:
  • Just married but not directly want to have children
  • Just had a baby and do not want to have another child anytime soon
  • Did not want to have any more children

Now you already know, right, the healthy benefits of Family Planning program? After that, discuss with your spouse and doctor about the right contraception for you and your partner, yes. Come, support the success of Family Planning for a better and prosperous family life!
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