7 Deadly Diseases Triggered by Cigarettes

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Of course you already know how terrible the impact of cigarettes. Here are 7 deadly diseases caused by cigarettes.
Deadly Diseases Triggered by Cigarettes

Data from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia in 2015 shows that more than a third of Indonesia's population has a smoking habit. This is arguably sad. Did you know that in a cigarette, there are more than 100 types of chemical compounds that can cause various diseases?

By inhaling cigarettes, the cells in the body will experience changes and at any time can cause illness. Identify 7 deadly diseases triggered by the following cigarette smoke:

1. Lung cancer

It is common knowledge that smoking is the main cause of lung cancer. Approximately 90% of cases of lung cancer occur in people who are accustomed to inhaling exposure to cigarette smoke. In the early stages, lung cancer symptoms are not typical, ie in the form of a cough disappear. Over time the cough is heavy, accompanied by drastic weight loss and shortness of breath.

Studies show that only 1 in 5 people with lung cancer can survive and recover, while the rest will die from the disease.

2. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

COPD is a lung disease characterized by shortness of breath that is getting more and more burdensome. This disease is one of the typical diseases that only occur to people exposed to cigarette smoke. Initially COPD showed only symptoms of cough with phlegm that never healed, over time symptoms accompanied by shortness of breath.

People with severe COPD are usually difficult to perform activities like people in general. Usually walking or climbing the stairs 1 floor alone is causing a sense of tightness. When COPD has occurred, there is no cure for recovering lung condition. This condition will last a lifetime.

3. Coronary heart disease and stroke

Currently in Indonesia, there are many incidents of coronary heart disease and stroke that attacks people under the age of 40 years. Diseases that usually occur in these elderly people appear at a young age because they are triggered by cigarettes. And in young people who experience one of these diseases, sudden death often occurs.

4. Buerger's disease

Buerger disease is a condition marked by severe pain in the limbs (arms and legs), accompanied by decay at the fingertips. This situation only occurs in people who are exposed to smoke. This disease is difficult to cure. Not infrequently, the sufferer must undergo amputation surgery of the fingers due to continuous decay.

5. Impaired fertility

Exposure to cigarette smoke causes impaired fertility, both in men and women. In men, cigarette smoke causes the testes can not make sperm well. The resulting sperm becomes less, the shape is not normal, and the movement is slow. Meanwhile, in women, cigarette smoke causes the ovaries to not release eggs in time so that fertility is disrupted.

6. Age-related macular degeneration (ARMD)

ARMD is an abnormality in the retina of the eye that usually occurs in older people who are exposed to cigarette smoke in a long time. ARMD causes impaired vision function that can not be cured. Even the sufferer can experience blindness because of this disease. Once ARMD has occurred, then the condition will last a lifetime.

7. Babies born prematurely and low intelligence

Exposure to cigarette smoke in pregnant women is susceptible to affect the fetus. This can happen because exposure to cigarette smoke will interfere with the supply of oxygen from mother to fetus. As a result the fetus does not grow and develop optimally. The fetus becomes smaller than it should be, the development of the brain is disrupted, and has the potential for premature birth or birth with a normal underweight (<2500 gram).

Ironically, the seven terrible effects of cigarettes are not only on active smokers (people who have smoking habits), but also in passive smokers (people who inhale the cigarette smoke). So for example a father smokes at home, then his wife, children, and his household are both at risk for the seven diseases!

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You and your family certainly do not want to be affected by the seven diseases above, right? Therefore, motivate yourself and all the people you care about to distance themselves from smoking. In order to commemorate World No Tobacco Day, starting to stay away from smoking is an appropriate step.
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