8 Unexpected Lung Cancer Signs

The following are signs of lung cancer that you might not have suspected. Recognize the symptoms so you can be more vigilant.
8 Unexpected Lung Cancer Signs

Lung cancer is a malignant tumor that occurs in lung and respiratory organs. The cause of lung cancer can occur in primary or secondary, such as the spread of cancer in other parts of the body. The most frequent causes include carcinogenic substances due to smoking, radiation, air pollution, to viral infections.

Not easy to know the symptoms of lung cancer. According to dr. Alvin Nursalim from KlikDokter, need special methods to accurately detect this disease.

"To diagnose the disease, it needs to be done a series of checks ranging from physical examination to be done thoroughly and thoroughly, radiology (rontgen, CT-Scan), and special examinations such as bronkoskopi, biopsy, and others," said dr. Alvin.

Can lung cancer be seen through certain simple symptoms? The answer, can. Reported from various sources, see the signs of lung cancer that you do not suspect as follows:

1. Cough in the long term

The majority of people with lung cancer usually have a cough that is sometimes accompanied by blood. Coughing with thick and concentrated mucus is usually considered to be an early sign of lung cancer. If this persists for more than a month, it's good to see a doctor.

2. Chronic infection

Most of the viruses that cause lung infections come from chronic bronchitis. But based on the explanation from the American Cancer Society, if the pain becomes even more piercing to the chest, it could be an early sign of lung cancer.

3. Weight loss

Weight loss, whereas the portion of food remains the same even rarely exercise? This condition can describe a number of diseases, one of them lung cancer. Malignant tumors can deplete protein levels in the body, so it's natural that a person decreases appetite to cause weight loss for no reason.

4. Bone pain

If lung cancer spreads to other organs in the body, you may feel pain in your bones or joints. The usually painful points include the back to the hip.

5. Swelling in the neck and face area

If lung cancer begins to suppress large blood vessels that carry blood from the head and arms to the heart, you may notice swelling in your neck and face. The upper arm and upper chest may also be affected, depending on the condition.

6. Excessive fatigue

This fatigue, supposedly different. You can feel so tired that you can not wait to rest in bed even though this does not help much. As many as 80 percent of people with cancer experience symptoms of excessive fatigue like this.

7. Muscles weaken

Lung cancer affects the muscles and organs of your body. One of the first affected areas is the hips, extending to the shoulders, arms, until the feet. You may find it hard to move, even when you're about to get out of a chair.

8. High calcium levels

Lung cancer can disrupt the mineral balance in your body. In some cases, the excess calcium will happen without you knowing until finally the laboratory tests by doctors describe it. These symptoms include frequent urination, excessive thirst, constipation, nausea, abdominal pain, and dizziness.

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Based on the explanation of Dr. Alvin, lung cancer treatment is a combined modality therapy (multi-modal therapy). The choice of therapy is based not only on the histological type, degree and appearance of the sufferer only, but also non-medical conditions such as facilities owned by the hospital and the economy of the person.

"The therapy includes surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, hormonotherapy, and gene therapy. There is also palliative therapy (to improve the quality of life as well as possible patients) and medical rehabilitation, "said dr. Alvin.

Understand the eight signs of lung cancer above to prevent you from causing lung cancer and late treatment. If you feel the signs mentioned above, immediately consult a doctor. Above all, keep your body healthy by applying a healthy lifestyle, as well as avoid bad habits like smoking and drinking alcohol.
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