Addictions 5 These Meals Show Your Health Conditions

Roseous.comAddictions 5 These Meals Show Your Health ConditionsWhen you like certain types of food, it is actually only natural. There are people who love spicy food, sweet food, or tasty food. All have their favorite foods. However, if the likes become excessive and uncontrollable, you should be vigilant. Addictions to certain types of foods, can indicate your true health condition.

Addictions 5 These Meals Show Your Health Conditions

Be wary of this food addiction

In fact, not a few foods that are full of nutrients can turn out to have adverse effects such as disturbing hormone balance. Launched from the page Livestrong, addicted to these five types of food can indicate your health condition. Anything?

1. Chocolate

Sometimes, cravings of certain foods can be a sign that the body is lacking something. Chocolate is usually not something the body needs, but when the desire to eat chocolate is so great, you probably lack magnesium, chromium, and B vitamins.

If you experience this, give your body a micronutrient intake in the form of a supplement or take dark chocolate to obtain magnesium. Not only that, a handful of raw almond nuts can also meet your needs because of its high calcium content.

2. Sugar

Addiction of eating sweet foods can be an indication of the occurrence of low blood sugar or dehydration conditions. However, lest you indulge yourself by eating lots of foods high in sugar, because it can damage the hormones and metabolism of the body.

Before eating sweet foods, drink a glass of water and let your system rest for a while. If desire persists, try eating apples, oranges, and some other fruit.

Be careful because sugar addiction can create depression when you're deprived. If you feel sad, find a healthy way to increase serotonin through a series of physical exercises or consult a professional therapist.

3. Salty Food

According to naturopathic expert Megan Heimer to Livestrong, addiction to salty foods can be caused by several things, such as excessive sugar in the diet, lack of sodium, or too much potassium. Naturopathy itself is a treatment to increase endurance and restore damaged body systems by using materials from nature, such as water, air, and sunlight.

If your desire to eat salty food is felt during your stress, it may indicate that you need good B vitamins to reduce the desire to eat salty foods. Addiction to salty foods is also determined by the activity and condition of your digestive tract.

4. Fried food

Desire to eat fried foods peaked? It could be that you are in need of essential fatty acid intake. Instead of eating a lot of fried foods that are mostly unhealthy, you are encouraged to eat avocado, a spoonful of coconut, or olive oil.

Nuts and seeds contain healthy oil which is a very good choice. You can also eat fish such as salmon or haring to get fish oil intake. Remember, 60 percent of the brain is fat and your body needs oil to stay healthy.

5. Red meat

The desire to eat red meat often indicates the condition of protein, iron, and amino or phosphorus deficiencies. Iron deficiency is usually responsible for the desire to eat foods such as steak or other red meat foods. Stay alert so you do not eat too much red meat.

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If you are iron deficient, eat foods such as dried fruits, beets, nuts, and plums. In addition to containing iron that the body needs, these foods are more easily digested than red meat.

Well, do you have an "addiction" to one or even some of the foods mentioned above? If yes, usually the cause is malnutrition. Fill your daily nutritional needs by eating nutritious foods, not just rely on your favorite food. Visit a doctor or nutritionist on nutrition fulfillment that suits your condition.
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