Alert 5 Disease This If Hobbies Stay Away World Cup 2018

Roseous.comAlert 5 Disease This If Hobbies Stay Away World Cup 2018. Do not ignore your health! Beware of diseases that may strike if your hobby stay up watching the 2018 World Cup. 

Alert 5 Disease This If Hobbies Stay Away World Cup 2018

The 2018 World Cup will take place in Russia on 14 June. For football fans, especially Indonesian citizens, the opportunity is certainly reluctant to miss.

By the time difference, the matches that take place in Russia will take place from 9 pm to 1 am. Thus, the ball lovers who live in Indonesia must stay up for the sake of watching the 2018 World Cup match.

But did you know that staying up can be bad for the body? Although a number of efforts have been made, reducing sleep hours is basically not good for health.

Watch out for the various diseases that may lurk you if your hobbies stay up watching the 2018 World Cup. Based on the explanation from medical experts KlikDokter, see the details below:

1. Depression

In one study, it was estimated that 65-90 percent of people were depressed due to a lack of sleep. In addition, the lack of sleep time in people with depression can exacerbate the condition.

Brain fatigue makes one unable to think clearly and rationally, and tends to be easily discouraged. People who are depressed also experience a decrease in optimism, lack of enthusiasm in life, and tend to be lazy. If left untreated it will increase the weight of depression.

"Severe depression can cause the sufferer to fall in the risk of suicide, and it should be consulted with a psychiatrist. In the normal case, improving the time off can alleviate the symptoms of depression, "said dr. The gift of Ramadan.

2. Headache

Symptoms of dizziness or headaches that are often complained by people after staying up, can be accompanied by heart palpitations, nausea, and head complaints feel floating. This is caused by disturbed cortisol hormones when you are not getting enough sleep.

Based on the explanation dr. Muhammad Anwar Irzan, cortisol plays an important role in regulating blood pressure and metabolism.

"There are several theories that mention that dizziness is caused by dehydration experienced during staying up. Therefore, enough to drink and eat a balanced nutritious diet is very important to avoid dizziness after staying up, "he said.

3. Alzheimer's

In a study conducted by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore, United States, found an increase in beta-amyloid levels in the brains of people who often stay up. Beta-amyloid is a toxic protein that can cause plaque buildup in the brain.

Beta-amyloid was also found in the brains of people suffering from Alzheimer's. Then, researchers also conducted a survey of 70 elderly people with an average age of 76 years.

"Using brain scans, those who have a habit of sleeping under 5 hours a day have much more protein-beta-amyloid buildup than those who have a habit of sleeping over 7 hours a day," said dr. Anwar.

4. Diabetes

Staying upstairs may increase the risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus. This is explained by dr. The gift of Ramadan in detail.

"The body's metabolism during the night, when physical activity is limited, will take place lower. This means the number of calories that enter the body is not balanced with the needs. Of course unburned calories will be stored in the form of fat in the body, "he said.

5. Heart Disease

Research conducted at the University of Chicago in the Journal of the American Medical Association says that sleep deprivation can cause the buildup of calcium in the blood vessels, and this leads to the formation of plaque.

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Plaque can at any time escape from the walls of blood vessels, causing a blockage in the blood vessels of the heart and brain. This is why a person has a heart attack or stroke.

Well, now already understand the risk of disease that strikes you while staying up watching the 2018 World Cup? In order to reduce these risks, you can do a number of tips, such as napping before staying up, and fill the time with healthy snacks.

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