Be Careful, These 3 Body Shapes Most Vulnerable to Diabetes

Roseous.comBe Careful, These 3 Body Shapes Most Vulnerable to Diabetes. Whether we realize it or not, a person's body shape plays an important role in determining the risk of diabetes. Diabetes not only affects people with excess weight, even thin people can also get diabetes. So, what body shape is most at risk of diabetes? Find out the answer in this article

Be Careful, These 3 Body Shapes Most Vulnerable to Diabetes

The most vulnerable body shape of diabetes
1. Who has a distended stomach
Belly stomach is not only experienced by people who are overweight only. The reason, thin people who have the ideal body weight can develop this condition. Abdominal fat is the evil fat type the main cause of a distended stomach that is harmful to your health. Quoted from the Harvard Health Publications page, belly fat can affect blood fat production directly associated with increased total cholesterol and bad cholesterol (LDL), decreased good cholesterol (HDL), and insulin resistance. Well, this insulin resistance is then the beginning of diabetes. This condition occurs when insulin does not work optimally, causing blood glucose to increase and can not enter in body cells 2. Which has a large waist circumference
Some studies say that men and women who have a large waist circumference higher risk to develop various chronic diseases later in life, one of them diabetes. Usually a large waist circumference is identified with people who are overweight or obese. In fact, people who have normal weight but have a large waist circumference are also at risk of various diseases compared with people who have normal waist circumference. American Heart Association National Heart and Lung and Blood Institute set a healthy waistline in women that is smaller than 88 cm, while in men smaller than 102 cm. While the waistline target is ideal for Asians is less than 90 cm (for men) and less than 80 cm (for women)

3. Who has excess weight

Overall, some people can actually accumulate fat everywhere at a fairly flat speed. But regardless of body shape, being overweight or obese increases the risk of diabetes. Obesity is at the root of many health problems, such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Even quoted from the WebMD page, obesity is the number one diabetes risk factor. Obesity itself is a buildup of excess fat that can cause changes in body metabolism. This change causes fat tissue (adipose tissue) to release fat molecules into the blood, which can affect insulin responsive cells and lead to reduced insulin sensitivity.

Checking nutritional status using the Body Mass Index (IMT) is one way to determine whether you are entering the obesity katogeri or not. In addition, body mass index can also be used to look at one's health risks. You can calculate Body Mass Index in Hello Sehat BMI Calculator (can also check in this link

Tips to lower your risk of diabetes

If you belong to one of the above mentioned body forms, you do not worry. Because there are several ways you can do to reduce the risk of diabetes in order to keep enjoying #LivingWell, such as:

1. Pay attention to food intake

Expand the consumption of fruits, vegetables, and foods that contain high fiber. Avoid eating sweet and fatty foods, Do not forget, consider also the portion of food you consume. In addition to making your blood sugar more controllable, attention to food intake, can also help you gain ideal weight so avoid the risk of obesity and diabetes.

2. Increase physical activity

From now on, you have to abandon the sedentary lifestyle, aka lack of movement. No need to do heavy exercise with high intensity. The reason is to do mild exercise of regular and consistent routine at least three times a week for approximately 30 minutes can help you reduce the risk of diabetes. Not only that, regular exercise is balanced with proper nutrition intake can also help you get the ideal body shape, tablets.

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3. Routine blood sugar check

Tips #LivingWell next to reduce the risk of diabetes is to regularly check your blood sugar. Check your blood sugar regularly before and every meal. Regular blood sugar checks will tell you about your blood sugar levels right away.
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