Before Blood Donor, Here are the Terms You Need to Comply With

Roseous.comBefore Blood Donor, Here are the Terms You Need to Comply withBlood donors provide a range of healthy benefits for the body. But before doing so, you need to meet the following requirements.

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Have you been donning blood this month? If not, we recommend doing it right away. Because, in addition to helping the needy, this noble activity also provides a myriad of healthy benefits for people who do it.

"Blood donors can routinely lower the risk of cancer, heart disease, and burn calories. This means blood donors can also help keep the weight remains ideal, "said dr. Theresia Rina Yunita.

Not only that, blood donors indirectly will also give you a chance to know the condition of body health. Before performing a blood donor, the officer will check blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and hemoglobin levels in the blood. From there, abnormal blood pressure or the risk of anemia in you can be known further.

Terms of blood donor that must be fulfilled

Doing blood donation can not be done just like that. Based on the suggestion dr. Astrid Wulan Kusumoastuti from KlikDokter, before making a blood donor, here are some requirements you need to fulfill:

1. Healthy physical

To be a blood donor, you must be 17-60 years old with a minimum weight of 45 kg. In addition, you must be in good health, not feverish. You are also required to have vital signs (blood pressure and pulse) that are within normal limits.

2. Eat and drink

Avoid blood donors on an empty stomach. Start by eating regularly a few days before the day of donation. It aims to keep your blood sugar levels stable.

"Increase consumption of foods high in iron such as red meat, fish, chicken, and spinach to maintain healthy levels of iron in the blood. Also increase fluid intake before the day of donation, "said dr. Astrid

3. Avoid heavy physical activity

Avoid activities too heavy before the day of donation, such as weight lifting. You can exercise lightly like a leisurely stroll, but make sure the condition of the body back in shape before the day of donation.

4. Get enough sleep

You are strongly recommended to always have enough sleep time, ie for 7-9 hours on the night before the day of donation. Enough sleep and quality will help you feel more refreshed and reduce the risk of body weakness or dizziness after the blood donor completion.

5. Comfortable clothes

Blood donor process is quite time consuming. Therefore, you are encouraged to wear comfortable clothes.

Use short-sleeved or loose clothing and can be rolled up to the elbow. This is so that officers can access your blood vessels easily.

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To be more secure, comfortable, and secure, you are encouraged to choose a blood donor service from an authorized institution. Also make sure the blood donor process you do is assisted by a competent officer.

"Do not hesitate to ask the things you want to know to the person in charge. Blood donation is a fun and healthy experience, and can be done regularly, "said dr. Astrid.

So, are you interested to do a blood donation soon? If yes, make sure you do not forget the terms above, so that everything runs smoothly and the health benefits you can feel completely 

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