Broken Heart Not Good For Health. Let's Move On!

Roseous.comBroken Heart Not Good For Health. Let's Move On! Love life does not always end beautifully. There are some who have to end up with a broken heart. However, do not be too long broken heart, because this condition is not good for health.

People who experience a broken heart will experience stress. This condition can cause sudden onset of chest pain (often mistaken for heart attack) or commonly called broken heart syndrome or takotsubo syndrome. This syndrome occurs when the heart reacts to the stress hormone so it can not pump blood properly for a while. This condition is also often accompanied by gasping breath.

Broken Heart Not Good For Health. Let's Move On!
Broken Heart Not Good For Health. Let's Move On!
Although rare, the broken heart syndrome can become severe and lead to complications, such as low blood pressure, abnormal heartbeat, and fluid buildup in the lungs that makes breathing difficult (pulmonary edema). But there are also people who through uncomplicated heartbreak syndrome and can recover in a short time.

The broken heart syndrome is more likely to occur in women than men. Mostly, this condition is experienced by women aged 50 years and over or have entered menopause. But some cases also occur in children. In addition, people who are angry, sad, or depressed prolonged due to a broken heart, are also more at risk of heart disease

Do not Dissolve in Sadness

Let bygones be bygones. Do not let a broken heart damage yourself and your future. Here are some tips that can be done to overcome the sadness, anger and stress of a broken heart:

  • Avoid social media or the internet.
After parting with your partner, the feeling of being jumbled. Sense of sadness, anger, and despair into one, and when confronted with social media, words of anger that are not filtered by common sense can be thrown into the audience. So calm down for a moment before writing something on social media.

  • Sports.
Not only healthy body, your soul can also get good benefits with regular exercise. Sports you can do, such as walking, running, cycling, swimming ,, yoga, or aerobics.

  • Do the positive things that make you happy.
Take time to do your hobby. For example, go with family or friends to a karaoke place. Singing can relieve stress you experience. However, avoid singing faint songs or memories with your ex-spouse. Other places you can visit, ie cinema, amusement park or your other favorite places.

  • Strong relationship with family and friends.
At times like this do not let yourself reflect on your own. Solitude can make you think of the former. Get closer to your family and friends who can give you a positive energy.

  • Worry.
Spill all the sadness felt to friends or family that you trust. If you find it difficult to pour out your heart to others, you can talk to a psychiatrist or psychologist.

  • Eat.
Broken hearts can make us lazy to eat or even eat too much. Although the heart is languishing, do not forget to fill the stomach so that the body does not get sick. Eat the foods you like to improve your mood. You can try black chocolate that contains polyphenol antioxidants to make you feel more calm. Or eating cheese, eggs, salmon, and nuts that help increase serotonin levels in the body. Serotonin is able to control sleep patterns and improve mood.
  • Stop finding out about him.
There may be times when you feel curious about the life of your ex-spouse. Then with just one click, you can instantly see his life on his social media page. But what happens when you see him having an affair with someone else? The chest suddenly can feel pain and tightness again.

  • Find a replacement.
After the breakup, there is plenty of empty space in your heart. Fill it with fun, positive hope and a new partner. But make sure your condition is stable when deciding to put new people into your life. Do not make it a mere escape or a show-off to ex-spouses.

Broken hearts can be overcome if you will try and accept sincerely that the relationship is over. No need to live in a drama of endless sadness. The point is to face reality though bitter but do not let it hurt you. If a broken heart makes it difficult for you to undergo daily activities, interfere with performance, or cause you to be depressed, anxious, or an idea of ​​self-harm or suicide, consult a psychiatrist or psychologist immediately.
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