Characteristics of Headache due to Stress

Roseous.comCharacteristics of Headache due to StressHeadache is a complaint that has been experienced by almost everyone. Of the various causes of headaches, there are those caused by stress. Are there any special features that distinguish headaches from stress with other headaches?

Characteristics of Headache due to Stress

The main headache triggered by stress is called a tension-type headache (TTH) type headache. Other triggers are lack of rest, poor posture, anxiety, fatigue, hungry conditions, and low iron levels.

If headaches are experienced less than 15 days per month, this is called episodic TTH. If more than that, it is called chronic TTH. Types of episodic TTH usually appear slowly and often arise at noon. Duration can last for 30 minutes to several days. While the chronic TTH felt lost and arise in a longer period (up to 2-3 months). Pain that arises can become more burdensome, or decrease throughout the day but always there.

The characteristics of headaches due to stress

The hallmark of TTH is a headache that feels like being pressed or tied. Usually, pain is felt around the forehead, side of the head, or back of the head, and can spread to the neck and shoulders. This type of headache is most common in adults.

Experts argue that heightened emotion, stress, or stress triggers the contraction of the facial, neck, and scalp muscles that have previously become more sensitive to painful stimuli.

Another feature of TTH is that pain often appears during the day or evening after the move, does not improve with rest, and makes it difficult for you to focus. Although rare, TTH can cause a person more sensitive to light or sound.

These types of headaches generally do not make you can not move at all because the vision, balance, and strength of your muscles are not disturbed.

The importance of managing stress

Generally, headaches can be treated with enough rest, massaging the back of the head and neck, warm baths, improve posture, and do relaxation therapy (deep breathing, yoga, and meditation). If necessary, you can use painkillers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen. However, they are less effective in preventing headaches from recurring, as long as the precipitating factor-stress-is not avoided.

Therefore, stress management is so important that you avoid tension-type headaches. The shape can vary. For example, if the workload is responsible for the emergence of stress, then you should be able to manage the workload to be distributed evenly every day. If stress is caused by a less conducive work environment, it may be when you consider looking for a new work environment.

In addition to finding solutions to things that cause stress, you are also encouraged to exercise regularly. When exercising, endorphins that "fight" stress hormones will be released, so the body will feel more comfortable and relaxed. You should also limit or even avoid things that can aggravate stress such as smoking, drinking alcohol, and caffeine consumption.

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If you often experience headaches during stress, immediately identify the root of the problem and find a way out. Keep in mind that drugs only deal with headaches, not causes. Over time, these drugs can no longer potent or even cause side effects due to overuse.

By knowing the characteristics of headaches due to stress, the best solution to avoid it is to stay away from stress or be able to manage it well. If the headache does not subsided even after taking medication, as well as disrupted activity, immediately see a doctor. Moreover, if you experience a pain pattern that changes, sudden headaches, or headaches accompanied with complaints of fever, neck stiffness, seizures, double vision, weakness of the limbs, a sense of tingling, difficulty speaking, to decreased consciousness. These are all signs that your headache may be caused by more serious things. Immediately consult a doctor to get the right treatment.
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