Children Fever Continually, Why Yes?

Roseous.comChildren Fever Continually, Why Yes? Child fever constantly? In a month maybe he could have several times a fever. You are wondering, is this normal or should be seen by a doctor?

Basically, children do not have a maximum immune system such as adults so they are also vulnerable to disease. One of them is fever.

Children Fever Continually, Why Yes?

Fever complaints in children can vary and have several types. For example, fever that only arises at night, fever throughout the day, high fever or just warm, fever accompanied by other complaints such as cough, colds, nausea, vomiting, and so on.

Although fever is sometimes considered normal, parents should still provide first aid by always providing febrifuge. Know also that the fever can actually cause emergency, such as seizures, shock, even death. So stay alert in any condition.

Most of the fever is caused by a viral infection, but if the fever does not go down, need to watch out for other causes of fever. The fastest way to overcome this pain is to identify the cause so that the handling is more optimal.

Here are some fevers to watch out for in Small, especially if the fever is persistent:
  1. Dengue fever. The cause is a virus that is transmitted through the bite of Aedes mosquitoes. Sudden fever is very high and shivering. The fever lasts about 7 days and is in severe condition, this fever can cause internal bleeding and lead to death.
  2. Virus fever. The cause is definitely due to a viral infection that usually attacks the respiratory tract with complaints of cough, runny nose and throat. Duration can be up to 9 days or more.
  3. Malaria fever. The reason is because of the virus carried by mosquitoes in the tropics. Malaria fever is usually suddenly high with chills. Another characteristic of this fever is the presence of brain disorders.
  4. Meningitis fever. Fever is often accompanied by seizures and headaches.
  5. Typhoid fever. This fever arises in the late afternoon, and may last 7-14 days. Often accompanied by indigestion.
  6. HIV Fever. This fever is preceded by symptoms of a mild fever that persists. Lasts longer than a week despite taking the drug.
  7. Fever due to urinary tract infection (UTI). Usually UTI accompanied by pain during urination or anyang-anyangan, abdominal pain at the bottom, and burning sensation during urination. But in children, these complaints can be difficult to identify - especially in those who are still babies and have not been able to talk. This is usually accompanied by a fever that is not too high.
  8. TB Fever. Fever reaches 2 weeks with cough for more than 3 weeks, shortness of breath, and the existence of a lump in the body, especially the armpit and groin bone. Should be immediately taken to the doctor for laboratory examination.
  9. Fever of ear infection disease. In children, the physical form of the ear has not been fully formed so easily infected. This can affect fever in the body.

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If the child has a fever, especially if it persists, take note and note the symptoms. You can take the note to the doctor during check-up to make it easier for doctors to diagnose.
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