Could Eating Fruit Too Much?

Roseous.comCould Eating Fruit Too Much?Everyone knows that fruits have good benefits for the health of the body. Each type contains different nutrients that have their own advantages. That's why it is advisable to consume more than one type of fruit, so you get various nutrients. So, is it possible to eat too much fruit?

Could Eating Fruit Too Much?
Could Eating Fruit Too Much?

As you may know, cholesterol in the blood can increase as a result of certain foods. Interestingly, to avoid this condition you can eat fruits.

"Fruits are generally rich in fiber, which can function to bind cholesterol in the gastrointestinal tract and remove it from the body before it is absorbed into the bloodstream. Some fruits also contain antioxidants that can inhibit the formation of bad cholesterol, "said dr. Fiona Amelia, MPH.

However, what will happen if you eat too much fruit? The late Steve Jobs is known to be an intense fruit eater who believes that the habit can rid his body of harmful liquids. As you know, he died of cancer. Then there is another actor Ashton Kutcher who became a fruitarian, who only consume fruit in the long term. In the end he had to end up in hospital due to a broken pancreas. What can be learned from these two cases?

Research on fruit consumption

Quoted from the TIME page, there is a 1980 study that argues that based on the evolution of human jaw and teeth, human ancestors were supposedly accustomed to eating fruit-dominated foods. Therefore, there is not much good evidence to not consume fruits.

"There are some people who are fruitarians, and from what we see, they are very healthy," said Robert Lustig, a researcher from the University of California, United States (US).

However, fruitarianism is often associated with nutritional deficiencies in some people. In fact, some fruits may not be safe for those with certain medical conditions, such as diabetes. However, for healthy adults, experts say that eating fruit will not make you experience health problems while still within normal limits.

The main focus when you eat too much fruits is the sugar contained in them. So even if the sugar content is natural, it can still affect your blood sugar levels. Moreover, the body needs a variation of intake that is not only sourced from the fruit.

Fruit is also often enjoyed in the form of juice or smoothie. According to a study from the Harvard School of Public Health, USA, fruit juice is reported to increase the risk of diabetes.

"Smoothie may be better than fruit juice or soft drinks, but too much consumption is also not good and can trigger high levels of sugar," said Robert.

Keep fruit consumption within reasonable limits

Some fruits may be better to enjoy than other types of fruit. Berry fruit for example, its consumption is associated with an increase in heart and brain health. Meanwhile, pineapple, banana, and other fruits that are identical to the tropics have higher sugar content. Even so, the condition is saved by its high fiber content. However, Lustig gives a note when you want to eat grapes

"Each grape is like a bag full of sugar. Wine consumption is highly recommended, but you should not eat too much, "he said.

Although regular consumption of fruit is beneficial to health, but avoid eating too much fruit to forget other nutritional needs. You should eat diverse foods, including vegetables, lean beef, whole grains, and a healthy carbohydrate intake such as brown rice to get your body balanced.
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