Danger for Pregnant & Fetus! These 3 Things Due to Anemia in Pregnancy

Roseous.comDanger for Pregnant & Fetus! These 3 Things Due to Anemia in PregnancyEveryone would hope that the health condition of the mother and fetus during pregnancy is always optimal, yes. However, hormonal changes and physical conditions of pregnant women become one of the causes of several disorders during pregnancy.

Danger for Pregnant & Fetus! These 3 Things Due to Anemia in Pregnancy

One of the most vulnerable disorders experienced by pregnant women is a deficiency of red blood cells or anemia. Often considered trivial, whereas anemia is one of the conditions that are very dangerous for pregnant women to their fetus, you know.

Anemia in pregnant women

In general, anemia that occurs in nonpregnant conditions will cause the condition of 5L weak, fatigued, lethargic, tired, lunglai. In 5L pregnant women will also occur, but the health risks that will be experienced by pregnant women is greater.

Anemia due to increased need for hemoglobin in pregnant women

In pregnant women the need for oxygen and nutrients increases, because it is used by mother and fetus.

This increased need is often not accompanied by the formation of hemoglobin, as a means of transporting oxygen and nutrients, in the maximum body, why?

Causes of anemia in pregnant women

One reason is the intake of foods high in iron is not fulfilled.

This can be triggered by pregnant women who are difficult to eat, due to nausea vomiting, inappropriate food selection, to the lack of knowledge of pregnant women about the importance of eating food sources of iron during pregnancy.

This condition then triggers anemia in pregnant women, even data from the World Health Organization in 2015 states that more than 30% of pregnant women in Southeast Asia, eastern Europe and Africa have anemia.

Dangers of anemia during pregnancy

Anemia during pregnancy will affect the health of pregnant women during pregnancy until delivery and disrupt fetal growth when in the womb, when newly born to growth and development in the next phase of growth and development.

Hazards for mothers

In pregnant women, anemia condition will cause pregnant women experience symptoms that will trigger disturbance 5L during activity such as dizziness, prolonged body felt weak, reducing appetite to nutrient intake, the risk of causing maternal malnutrition.

Anemia during pregnancy is also prone to cause pregnant women are not fit while undergoing childbirth.

Dangers to the fetus

Three conditions that will be experienced by the fetus if pregnant women experience anemia are:

1. LBW

Low birth weight or LBW is the most common risk to the fetus. This is triggered by a lack of nutritional intake in the fetal body during pregnancy, thus causing growth and development of fetal organs and system is disrupted.

LBW occurs when the baby's weight is under 2500 grams. In extreme conditions, infant weight up to below 2000 grams will cause very Low Birth Weight.

Both of these risks cause the baby vulnerable to various diseases.

2. Increased risk of illness to death

Associated with point number one, anemia conditions that cause LBW cause infants susceptible to infection due to decreased body immunity.

This causes the baby to risk illness and increase the risk of infant death.

3. The risk of heart disease, diabetes and non-communicable diseases

Anemia during pregnancy also poses a continuous risk as the child grows up. The growth and development of organs and systems that are not optimal since the fetus because pregnant women have anemia has been shown to increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes and other non-contagious diseases.

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Seeing the facts above, it is important for pregnant women to always keep the hemoglobin level is always normal.

The easiest way to do is to consume high-iron foods, namely chicken liver or beef, eggs and fish alternately in every week.
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