Do It If Asma the Little Relapse on the Airplane

Roseous.comDo It If Asma the Little Relapse on the AirplaneDo not make asthma a barrier to travel. Prepare carefully, so that the asthma of the little relapse on the plane.

Do It If Asma the Little Relapse on the Airplane

If your child has asthma, do not let that condition prevent him from going on vacation or traveling on a plane either with his family or with his friends. With careful preparation, as well as good communication, the child can avoid the occurrence of asthma while on the plane. However, if the preventive measures do not work and the little asthma relaps on the plane, what should be done?

The originator of asthma on the plane.

In contrast to outside air, air in the aircraft has a pressure that tends to be lower, drier, and has a higher level of pollution. Because using air conditioner (AC), air in the plane could have polluted various pollution and dust on air-conditioning ducts that can trigger a recurrence of asthma.

In addition, cold temperatures in airplanes, dust settling in chairs, or dust or feathers on the airplane blanket can trigger asthma. Sometimes the food menu available on the plane is also very limited, so it could be the menu that is available it can trigger allergies or asthma Little.

Travel preparation for children with asthma

Before the child travels, make sure his asthma is well controlled. If the child's asthma condition has not been controlled or there is a worsening tendency, check the child to the doctor first. It could be that the doctor will change the type or dose of asthma control medication for your child before traveling.

The next preparation, do not forget to always bring asthma drugs children, both asthma control drugs and asthma relievers such as inhaler or spacer. If necessary, also prepare a portable nebulizer if the child often uses the nebulizer at home. Also prepare asthma control nebulizer medicines.

Another important point is to bring a manual on asthma management and important numbers (such as doctor's phone number or destination hospital phone number) that you can contact if you need information about your child's asthma.

Bring or stock the child with food that you know will not cause allergies, just in case if the food provided by the plane is the food trigger allergic children.

What do you do if your child's asthma recurs while on the plane?

First of all, identify the symptoms of childhood asthma attacks such as shortness of breath and slimy coughing constantly. Then, if you believe the Little has an asthma attack, do not panic because of panic will actually make you unable to focus on handling asthma experienced by children.

Call the crew to get help. Usually the aircraft is equipped with oxygen so your child can be given oxygen first. Next, prepare your inhaler and spacer to help relieve your asthma attack. If the relapse of asthma does not improve, give nebulisation to the child with asthma relief medication such as salbutamol. Nebulisation may be repeated several times if asthma symptoms have not improved.

Can a child with asthma travel alone?

Children with asthma who are old enough (above 12 years) can travel alone as long as you as a parent help in the preparation of the mature. Preparation in question include:
  • Preparing medications as well as a child's asthma control and relief device.
  • Talk to the teacher, the person in charge, the supervisor, or his traveling companions so they can anticipate if the child has an asthma attack on the way.
  • Make sure the child knows exactly what to do if he has an asthma attack on the plane.
  • Remind the child to avoid asthma triggers and take routine control drugs if during use.
  • Monitor whether its activity can cause childhood asthma relapse.

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Although asthma attacks in children are mild, do not let you ignore it, because the child could just after arriving at the destination must be rushed to the hospital. Remember, air quality and the environment in the aircraft can cause asthma relapse in the plane. Therefore, do the preparation as soon as possible so that children avoid asthma attacks and if relapse can be overcome well.
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