Do not Use the Sheet Mask, Learn To Know These 5 Important Facts

Roseous.comDo not Use the Sheet Mask, Learn To Know These 5 Important FactsThis sheets mask or outboard mask is a great innovation in the care and beauty products that emerged several years ago. How not, just by sticking paper mask made of thin cotton liquid formula, this product is claimed to brighten, moisturize, to overcome fine lines on the skin of the face.

Do not Use the Sheet Mask, Learn To Know These 5 Important Facts

In addition, the use of disposable and affordable price is menjaid practical choice of women who do not have to bother such as wearing masks using traditional. However, what is the true efficacy of this one face mask is really powerful and safe for the skin? To find out more, let see explanation dr. Debbie Palmer, a New York skin specialist with 19 years of practice experience around sheet mask usage.

All you need to know before using sheet mask

1. Not the same and can not replace the benefits of traditional masks

Although the title is the same mask, sheet mask is not the same content and efficacy when compared with traditional mask topical. The outboard paper mask also can not clean the face and remove dead skin cells on the face like a mask topical.

However, most of these outboard masks are packed with vitamins, amino acids and minerals, so it is good enough to be used as a facial care product.

2. Keep using serum and other care products

Although already filled with various types of vitamins and minerals, does not mean you do not need to use other facial care products, yes. Dr. Debbie Palmer says that the sticky face mask from this paper can not moisturize your face all day.

So, you still need other facial treatments such as moisturizer, sunscreen, or even a special serum to maximize your facial care.

3. Sheet mask is good for moisturizing facial skin

Although many claimed to be able to overcome acne, to reduce excess oil, and to overcome other facial problems, dr. Debbie Palmer only believes that this mask is most efficacious to moisturize your skin.

The reason, there has been no clinical studies that can prove that the paper directly paste mask is able to treat skin problems. Fortunately, this mask is good for increasing water and oxygen levels in dry skin. So your facial skin will be soft and smoother after using this mask.

4. Less suitable for facial acne

Since this mask can make the skin temperature changes suddenly due to the water content, this mask is less suitable for you who have acne. This is because when the face temperature rises, this mask can actually increase the number of bacteria on the surface of the skin that causes acne become more severe.

Recommended for those of you who have facial acne and greasy skin, try it a day before wearing this mask. How to put a mask on the skin cheeks, and see the results of whether the skin so irritated or not. If the next day the skin is fine, please continue to use. But if not, stop using it and switch to another mask.

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5. Watch how to wear them

This sheet mask is basically available on one size only for all types of face shapes. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same face and indentation as the curve of this paper mask. To wear properly, please start to paste the mask from your forehead first, then down to the eyes, to the nose, then spread it to the left and right forehead or cheek. Afterwards, match with the position of the lips up to the chin. Wear while lying down for a more comfortable wear and fit worn on your face.
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