Frequent Causes of Headaches During Hot and Hot Weather

Roseous.comFrequent Causes of Headaches During Hot and Hot WeatherLiving in a tropical country, makes you exposed to sunlight almost throughout the year. In certain periods, even the heat of the sun can have tremendous impact, causing various disorders and physical and health complaints. In addition to causing thirst, hot and hot weather can also result in body weakness and headache. This is not surprising, because there have been many studies that prove it.

Frequent Causes of Headaches During Hot and Hot Weather

The effect of weather on headache

A study from Israel and Boston conducted on 7000 people with a history of severe headache found interesting facts. A temperature rise of about 5 degrees Celsius in hot and hot weather can increase the risk of headache by 7.5 percent. This condition is especially for someone who previously had often experienced headaches such as migraine.

The weather is hot and hot, coupled with high humidity in the tropics as in Indonesia often causes various things triggers headaches, one of which is dehydration.

Dehydration is one of the causes of heat exhaustion in addition to lack of salt. Heat exhaustion itself is a collection of health problems associated with waves or high temperature exposure to the human body. Although not as severe as heat stroke can cause organ damage and death, but heat exhaustion should not be underestimated.

Heat stroke itself is a condition where the body is no longer able to cool its temperature automatically. Body temperature can increase dramatically in a very short time, so the skin feels warm and dry, and not able to sweat. This condition is also accompanied by a heart palpitations and a severe headache even fainted.

The impact of dehydration on headaches

One of the first and most important signs of dehydration besides thirst is headache, especially tension or tension-like headaches, a sense of flying and wanting to faint, and migraine. This condition can occur because the brain tissue lacks fluid, so it must draw fluid from the surrounding environment.

When the body is too hot but dehydrated at the same time, the body can not evaporate the liquid in the form of sweat to balance the body temperature to stay normal. So not infrequently, severe headache due to hot and scorching weather on heat exhaustion accompanied also with muscle cramps, nausea and even vomiting, and cold sweat.

Glare light triggers headache

For someone who has a history of frequent headaches like a previous migraine, blinding light in the middle of a hot day can trigger a recurrence of this type of headache.

Bright light is one of the risk factors for migraine symptoms, so it's best if you're going outdoors in hot weather, use a protector such as an umbrella, hat, or sunglasses.

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You need to know, the condition of heat exhaustion that is not handled properly can deteriorate into heat stroke. Under certain conditions such as the existence of extreme heat waves, heat stroke conditions can even be directly attacked without light symptoms.

If you experience headaches while outdoors in hot and hot weather, seek shelter immediately. In addition, quickly replace fluid loss by drinking plenty of water.

If possible, go into a room that has air conditioning. Sitting with your legs alight slightly higher than the chest to be above the heart, making it easier for blood circulation.

Also, avoid consumption of alcoholic beverages or those containing caffeine when you feel thirsty. These types of beverages are prone to trigger dehydration. If the headache does not go away within 1-2 hours, you should immediately go to the nearest health service.
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