Headaches Can Also Happen As a result of Orgasm

Roseous.com - Headaches Can Also Happen As a result of OrgasmPain or pain in the head can arise due to various things. In certain conditions, the complaint can also occur due to orgasm.

Headaches Can Also Happen As a result of Orgasm

Headache is one of the conditions that can cause discomfort and disrupt productivity. This situation can be caused by various things, one of which orgasme.

Headaches that occur due to orgasm are referred to as cofals cephalgia. In this condition, pain can occur during intimateual intercourse or at the time of orgasm. It not only causes uncomfortable complaints, but also contributes to the disruption of performance in intimateual intercourse.

Not only that, headaches that occur due to orgasm is also not specific. This is because complaints of pain can also be felt on the neck, very heavy and sudden, and duration that can last in minutes, hours, up to several days.

In cephalgia coital, there are three types of headache associated with a fairly distinctive intimateual activity, namely:
1.     The first type is often felt on both sides of the head, especially on the back of the head. Generally, the intensity of pain is felt higher along with increased intimateual arousal.
2.     The second type is generally felt suddenly and throbbing, just before or during an orgasm. This type of headache can start at the back of the head and then spread throughout the head.
3.     The third type is a headache that is felt on all parts of the head and is influenced by the position.

Cipalgia coital risk factor

Coital cephalgia occurs during or after intimateual intercourse, including masturbation, vaginal intimateual intercourse, anal intimate, oral intimate, and other types of intimateual relations that end in orgasm. Several factors are thought to increase the risk of occurrence, including:
  • Gender. Men are known to have a higher risk of developing cephalgia coital compared with women.
  • History of migraine headache. A person with a history of migraine headaches is more likely to have cephalgia coital.

Diagnosis and covalent coval treatment

The diagnosis of cefalgia coital is generally determined by the results of detailed medical interviews and direct physical examination. In addition, some investigations such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computerized tomography (CT) can also be performed if needed.

Related to treatment, most cases of cephalgia coital do not require certain handling. Because this complaint can subside by itself. You just need to reduce the intensity of intimateual activity for a while, as long as the headache is still felt.

If the headache persists and is accompanied by other complaints, such as neck stiffness, disorientation, or dizziness spin, you should immediately bring yourself to see a doctor. This is so that your condition can be evaluated further by your doctor, to determine the most likely cause and type of treatment.

Knowing that headaches due to orgasm is a real complaint, you are advised not to be too passionate during intimateual intercourse. Thus, the enjoyment that you and your partner feel can continue to run smoothly.

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