Is Allergy When Pregnant Can Endanger Baby?

Roseous.comIs Allergy When Pregnant Can Endanger Baby? When pregnant, suddenly feel more often sneezing or nasal congestion? It may be allergic to pregnant women. Which then is feared, whether these conditions can affect the condition of the baby in the womb?

Allergies occur when the immune system reacts to certain substances that the body perceives as harmful (allergens), although not necessarily. The immune (antibody) then works to fight it by releasing the chemicals in the body, resulting in allergic reactions. Usually allergies occur due to heredity and environmental factors.

Is Allergy When Pregnant Can Endanger Baby?

Actually one in five pregnant women have allergies. So if the pregnant women have allergies, it's actually a normal thing. For that, pregnant women should recognize allergies that may occur, as well as how to deal with safe allergies.

Differentiating Allergy Symptoms

Let's examine what are the symptoms of allergies. Allergy symptoms in pregnant pregnant women are actually the same as that experienced by people in general, ie sneezing, headache, cough, nasal congestion, throat itch, rash and watery eyes.

These sometimes occasional symptoms may confuse, including allergies or other conditions that often accompany pregnancy. Allergies will appear when the body is exposed to the trigger, either inedible, inhaled, or untouched. Usually allergy symptoms subside after the trigger is gone or no longer exists.

Pregnant women do not have to worry, allergies as a reaction to the immune system generally does not endanger the health of pregnant women and infants in the womb. Even so, pregnant women also still need to be alert to the possibility of a severe allergic reaction, anaphylactic shock.

To ensure allergy and handling required, the doctor may perform a history of complaint, then recommend a blood test and possibly some additional tests. For example, when pregnant women feel short of breath, doctors may recommend a breathing or spirometry test, to assess lung performance.

How To Overcome Allergies While Pregnant

If allergies occur continuously or often repeatedly, pregnant women should see a doctor. Your doctor may recommend treatment without medication if allergic symptoms that natural pregnant women are not too severe.

But if it is very disturbing, for example to interfere with sleep or daily activities, the doctor will provide treatment for allergies, which is safe for pregnant women. So, if pregnant women have allergies, do not take any drugs, avoid the use of drugs outside of the doctor's advice.

What also needs to be aware of is pregnant women with asthma who have allergies. The trigger factor is generally a pungent smell, cold air, exercise, lung irritation, or cigarette smoke. Asthma needs to be treated immediately because if the pregnant mother does not get enough air, then the baby will experience the same condition. The good news, most of the asthma medicines are not harmful to pregnant women. Generally, doctors prioritize inhaled drugs, because it is considered safer for babies in the womb.

Tips Preventing Allergies in Pregnant Women Pregnant

To prevent allergies, pregnant women need to avoid the cause of the substance. Here are some things you can do to avoid allergies:
  • Watch for and avoid foods that allegedly cause allergic reactions, and keep food well preserved.
  • Skin and hair can carry allergens from outside the home. Preferably after coming home from traveling, pregnant women immediately bathe and wash hair to eliminate allergens.
  • Gantila clothes after traveling, because clothes can also be carriers of allergens.
  • Clean the house regularly. Pay particular attention to mattresses and carpets, use a vacuum cleaner when necessary.
  • Should keep pet clean, and place outdoors during pregnancy.

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Well, with proper handling, pregnant women now do not need to worry anymore if you have allergies. Take precautions by avoiding allergic trigger factors, then consult your doctor to get the right handling when allergies get more annoying.
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