Mother, It Causes Breast Milk Reduced And How To Overcome It

Roseous.comMother, It Causes Breast Milk Reduced And How To Overcome ItSome breastfeeding mothers may have experienced breast milk production decreased or not as much as usual. If various ways have been done but have not succeeded, Mother can look for possible causes, so that searchable solutions can be found.

Mother, It Causes Breast Milk Reduced And How To Overcome It
Decreased milk production certainly triggers the mother's concern about the adequacy of infant nutrition, especially for babies who only consume breast milk. Let's find out what are the causes, as well as how to overcome them.

Factors That Can Cause Breast Milk Reduced

Generally milk production is reduced because there are certain problems that cause the frequency of breastfeeding is reduced. For example, Mother's nipple is sick while breastfeeding, or Mother is exhausted. In addition, there are several factors that can also cause the production of breast milk is reduced, including:

1. Not immediately start breastfeeding

Maybe Mother waits too long before starting a routine breastfeeding or taking too long before the feed. This condition causes the stimulation of the body of the Mother to produce milk becomes lessened.

2. Improper attachment

Baby's mouth attachment to the breast is less precise so the baby does not suck milk well,

3. The mother's body is adjusting to the baby's needs

After the baby passes the age of 6 months, her milk needs will increase. When Little Children become more frequent breastfeeding, Mother may feel more empty breasts so as if breast milk feels less.

4. Stress or experience a traumatic experience

Reduced breast milk can be felt by a mother who had experienced stress when a new mother, or had experienced a traumatic experience after childbirth. Especially if the experience could affect the physical condition, such as bleeding after childbirth. Plus, this condition can make the mother separate with the baby to be treated.

5. Impaired thyroid function

Mothers may also feel milk decreased if they have hypothyroidism or reduced thyroid function. Why so? This is because the thyroid participates in regulating the lactation hormone, oxytocin and prolactin.

6. Drug or contraceptive consumption

Mothers take certain medications, including the consumption of birth control pills containing estrogen. In addition, fever and allergy medications containing pseudoephedrine may also reduce breast milk production. These drugs are unfortunately much sold freely in the market, so Mother needs to be more careful in reading the label before taking the drug.

7. Eating too many specific herbs

Peppermint, oregano, and thyme extract can reduce breast milk production. Preferably the consumption of these ingredients is limited.

In addition, reduced breastfeeding supplies may also be experienced in mothers who have had breast surgery, overweight or obesity, high blood pressure while pregnant, and diabetes are not handled properly.

Generally, a decrease in breast milk supply will not harm the baby. But still need to watch out for, if left unchecked, over time can cause the baby suffered from malnutrition, especially at the age where breast milk is the only source of nutritional intake for infants.

What to do?

No need to panic, Bun. What often happens, the production of mother's milk is enough. It's just a way of giving it a less precise, or the problem that has been the cause has not been addressed.

Try the following things yuk, Bun, to re-increase milk production:

  • Keep feeding

Basically, Mother's body will adjust milk production to the needs of Little. So do not stop and more often breastfeed.

  • Pumping breastmilk

If Mother can not breastfeed directly because it works, be sure to pump milk regularly. Diligent pumping of breast milk can also help maintain the level of milk production.

  • Check attachment

Check if the little mouth is attached perfectly to the breast Mother. If not, maybe Mother can consult a doctor or lactation counselor. Avoid alcohol and cigarettes

When breastfeeding should not consume liquor and smoking, yes, Bun. Both can reduce the production and quality of breast milk.

  • Choosing a contraceptive for breastfeeding mothers

Progestin-only birth control pills may be selected by breastfeeding mothers, as combined birth control pills may interfere with breast milk supply. Consult the right family planning options for the doctor, for the breastfeeding mother.

  • Avoid formula feeding or MPASI too quickly

Should avoid giving infant formula or food to infants before 6 months of age, except for medical indications. Because, babies may be more like formula milk, so less often suckle and over time milk production will be reduced.

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If many ways have been tried but milk production is still lacking, Mother may go to a doctor, or take advantage of lactation consulting services. However, as long as Little Body weight is enough, urinate is normal, and he is healthy and active, then the Mother need not worry too much. Keep the spirit of breastfeeding, yes, Mother.
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