Obesity is more vulnerable to attacking a single child

Roseous.comObesity is more vulnerable to attacking a single childLately, there is a news in the health of the world is quite pathetic, where the problem of obesity is already exceeding the problem of hunger globally. In fact, the problem of obesity is now a lot of those who are still children. Health experts themselves say if the trend of children today who consume unhealthy foods rich in fat and sugar content is a major cause of increased obesity problems. It's just that there is a unique factor that causes a child to become obese; Those with a single child status was more at risk of obesity.

Dr Julie Lumeng of the University of Michigan says if a family has only one child taken care of, then parents will be very careful in maintaining the health and growth of the child. The interesting thing is, parents will also tend to let children consume whatever food they like with the mind "as long as children like it, it will not be a problem". This causes the child to eat too much or consume foods with unbalanced nutritional levels and ultimately make children obese.

Dr. Lumeng also stressed that if a child has a sister, the first child will indirectly get a better health effect because both the first child and other family members will tend to become more active and take care of the little brother better. Parents who have more than one child will also share the focus of taking care of the food consumed by all children so it will be much more careful in maintaining a healthier intake.

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Dr. Lumeng himself once conducted a study released in the journal Pediatrics. Research involving 697 children in the United States shows the fact that children who do not have a brother or sister until the age of 6 years will tend to have a much heavier weight when compared with other children who already have younger brother at that age. The risk of 6-year-olds who do not have younger siblings to get obesity problems even increased up to three times more than other children who already have a younger brother at the age of three or four years. It's just that, parents' factors in maintaining a balanced nutritional intake also fell affect the high-low risk of children getting obesity. It is for this reason that health experts call on parents to provide daily nutritious food intake for their children to prevent children from getting health problems.
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