Often Feeling Like Ears Clogged? 5 It may be the cause

Roseous.comOften Feeling Like Ears Clogged? 5 It may be the causeMaybe you often feel like blocked ears. Although not necessarily a sign of a disease, but still this condition will make you uncomfortable. Sounds from the environment are muffled and less audible. In some cases, this condition will simply disappear quickly. However, there are also who feel like blocked ears for days. Actually, what is the cause of this blocked ear?

Often Feeling Like Ears Clogged? 5 It may be the cause

Various causes of the ear feels blocked

1. The inner ear is blocked

The blockage in the eustasius tube is one of the possible causes. This eustasius tube connects the ear to the throat. The fluid and mucus will flow from the ear to the back of the throat through this channel.

However, instead of flowing into the throat, fluids and mucus can sometimes get trapped in the middle ear and make the ear feel blocked. This blockage usually occurs during the common cold, infulenza, sinusitis, or during infection. Allergic rhinitis can also cause clogging in the eustasius tract.

Symptoms of a blockage caused by infection or allergies include:
  • Nose runny
  • Cough
  • Sneezing
  • Sore throat

Unpacking this eustasius tube is important because trapped fluid can cause ear infections if left alone.

2. Be in a certain place

A clogged ear can be caused also by rapid changes in environmental stress, resulting in the closure of the eustachian tube, known as barotrauma.

When this pressure difference occurs, the body will try to adapt. Along with the eardrum, the eustasius tube helps to equalize outside pressure with the middle ear and outer ear. Adjustment is what causes the tube eustasius should close, consequently people feel his ears clogged.

Some people who can experience this blockage are people who do scuba diving, mountain climbing, traveling by plane, or going to a place with high plains.

Although this is something reasonable, but it is quite disturbing. The higher the place, the ear will be more difficult to adapt to equalize the pressure in the middle ear.

The best way to prevent barotrauma is to swallow, chew or often yawn. These ways can open the auditory canal so as to allow the outside air into the ear. You can also use decongestant drugs if you have difficulty due to obstructive blockages.

Medication you can use when one hour before the flight starts. Or for those of you who have allergies, use your allergy medication an hour before the journey begins.

3. The ears are full of dirt

The production of wax or earwax is important to prevent debris from entering the ear. However, if the ear produces too much dirt, this can be a problem.

Excessive production of wax or ear wax can make the ear feel blocked. Some people experience this overproduction, whereas the ear normally has its own cleansing system and its dirt production is not clogged up.

Thus, people who experience excessive earwax production, should regular cleaning at the doctor to take this soft impurities. Because if you do the cleaning your own ears using cutton bud, feared dirt could be pushed into and touch the eardrum. The symptoms of this condition are:
  • Earache
  • The ears are buzzing
  • Dizzy

4. Acoustic neuroma

Acoustic neuroma is the growth of benign tumors that develop in the cranial nerves that lead from the ear into the brain. These tumors usually grow slowly and are small in size.

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However, when over time grows this tumor can be large and will put pressure on the inner ear nerves. This pressure can make the ear feel blocked, hearing is decreasing, and the ears are buzzing.

5. There are foreign objects that enter can also cause ear feels blocked

Foreign objects that enter the ear can also cause ear feels blocked. This condition can occur in young children who put things in their ears because of curiosity or dare to follow what he saw. Therefore, children need good supervision to prevent this from happening. Foreign objects that enter usually will not experience fever or any cold symptoms, unless the blockage due to this thing has been happening long enough to cause infection.

You can also use a flashlight to make sure that the child's ears are okay. Never put a sharp object in the ear to remove a foreign object.
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