Intimate Man Captivus Phenomenon Can Be Explained Logically - Intimate Man Captivus Phenomenon Can Be Explained LogicallyPenis captivus is a condition when the penis is pinched inside the vagina during intimate. The penis can get squashed because the vaginal muscles are suddenly pressed stronger than usual.

Which makes it more dangerous, even though it is not in a state of erection, penis still can not be pulled out. Even in some cases that ever happened, it takes medical help to remove the penis from the vagina.

Since the first, there are pros and cons about the clarity of the true or not true case of this Penis Captivus. Although there has been no medical research or evidence of this condition, it does not necessarily mean that the case reports are not in the medical literature.

The Reported Penis Captivus Case

Penis Captivus cases are very rare. Only a few cases have been reported in the medical world. Two of which were reported to have occurred were in 1870 and 1872.

The first incident involved a young couple who just underwent six months of marriage. When they have intimate, there is a strong vaginal contraction until the vaginal muscles spasms. For men, these conditions make the penis can not be removed from the vagina and also feel the pain.

The second case occurred in 1872, involving couples who have been married for a year. Previously, the couple had a normal intimateual relationship, but then strangeness Penis Captivus occurs, namely tersepitnya penis inside the neck of the vagina. Even so, over time when the tension diminishes, the penis can be removed by itself.

In 1979, the British Medical Journal published a review, where they cited two 19th-century gynecologists who claimed to have handled captivus penis cases. The following year, a medical journal published a response from a reader who claimed to be an eyewitness when a couple were taken to a local hospital for having a Penis Captivus. In 2016, Kenya's television channel also reported a couple being taken to a local healer after experiencing the same thing.

Penis Captivus Case According to Medical Experts

Still confusing information about the Penis Captivus case raises different opinions. Almost all news and medical reports about Penis Captivus or penis captivus only based on rumors or news that the truth can not be accounted for.

However, at least the two cases described above prove that the captivus penis may occur. Basically, the penis is squeezed due to vaginal contractions pinning the erect penis. When the erection is slowly reduced, the penis can be removed. Although there are still other factors that become triggers, for example because of jewelry worn on intimate organs.

Regarding the Penis Captivus incident that lasted for hours or until the end to death, is still a possibility that can not be removed. Although rare, the Penis Captivus case that has been considered as a rumor, probably never happened in Indonesia. However, medical publications related to this case are hard to find.

Given the captivus penis can happen to anyone, then some ways below can be done before deciding to seek medical help, namely:
  • Avoid panic and stay calm. Panic actually makes the penis getting squeezed and causing pain or discomfort to increase.
  • Calming each one by taking several deep breaths. It is intended that the muscles also helped relax and slowly mutilated the intimate organs.
  • Do not do anything that can hurt yourself and your partner as long as it happens. For example, forcing the pulling of genitals or using lubricants for intimate can be released, because it will not overcome this condition.
  • If after a few minutes still deadlock alias also not released as well, then immediately contact medical services from Doctors may be able to inject muscle tranquilizers on you and your partner to help relieve contractions.
  • If the incident happens again, immediately consult a doctor for further examination related to the cause, ranging from vaginismus or blood flow problems in the intimateual organs.

Differences Between Captivus Penis and Vaginismus

The captivus or Penis Captivus is often associated with vaginismus. In fact, this condition is different. Vaginismus is a condition when the vaginal muscle has a seizure when it gets into something, such as a penis, making it difficult to penetrate. Meanwhile, in the condition of penis captivus, penis actually trapped in the vagina and can not get out.

Vaginismus may have something to do with fear or anxiety when going to have intimate. Medical experts also have not obtained strong evidence about the cause of this disease. For the condition of vaginismus, women who experience it can practice to control the muscles around the vagina. One way is to routinely perform Kegel exercises.

In society, a captivus or Penis Captivus is often regarded as a punishment of immoral behavior. But medically, some experts think of Penis Captivus as another type of rare vaginismus.

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