Prohibition of Unusual Maternity - Prohibition of Unusual MaternityThere is a ban pregnant women who should not be done, because it can interfere with the growth of the fetus. Many restrictions make pregnant women anxious and confused. Like Lita, a mother who is so confused knows a lot of restrictions on pregnant women.
Prohibition of Unusual Maternity

"If you are pregnant again, do not often take a hot bath," said a friend's suggestion to Ibu Lita who was pregnant.
"Yeah, also do not have intimate with your husband," replied advice from other friends.
"Duh, really, many true prohibitions! It should not be, it should not be, "Lita said.

Almost certainly experience Lita had ever befall you, right? Is it true when pregnant so many things that are prohibited to do?

"Whereas the pregnant person, actually a healthy person," said Dr. Dwiana Ocviyanti, Sp.OG.

Be careful when pregnant is necessary. In fact, it needs to be done before the pregnancy begins. Currently, prenatal counseling has been widely practiced by the community. "The goal is to prepare a healthy pregnancy. So it can avoid the things that are not desirable. Especially related to the habit, the consumption of food, and so on, "said Ovy, Dwiana familiar greeting.

Well, for pregnant women are not always anxious throughout pregnancy should we recognize what is and can not be done while pregnant. Anything?

Things that can and do not do during pregnancy

1. Painting

For those who like to paint, this activity can still be done while pregnant. But, do not be too long or excessive, for example throughout the day. Just 1-2 hours every day. What is feared during paint paint painting can be inhaled in a long time. Because most types of paints contain chemicals. "Because it should be done in the open paint to reduce exposure too long with paint," advice Ovy.

2. Intimate

Orgasm can cause miscarriage in young gestational age and cause labor at late gestation. However, it is not proven in normal pregnancy. "So this activity is okay to do. Origin is not an indication of abnormalities in pregnancy, such as the location of the placenta below or bleeding, "said Ovy.

3. Sports

If you are a regular and love to exercise, during pregnancy can be forwarded. It's just that sports are not dangerous and risky, such as car racing, horse riding, jumping, rafting, and so forth. But do light exercise for 5-30 minutes, such as morning walks, light gymnastics, or swimming.

Road is the safest sport during pregnancy. Swimming also includes a small exercise risk and can be done throughout the pregnancy. Swimming can make the back feel comfortable and the body becomes light, because avoid the gravity.

4. Take the plane

Pregnant women may board the plane before 7 months of pregnancy. Actually, the baby in the womb does not have problems with the height and the difference in air pressure. In order to travel by plane more comfortable should sit on the edge of the "alley" for easy if going to the restroom. Also use the safety rope to sit comfortably, and use the foot support so as not to cause swelling and also a small pillow behind the back.

Traveling by plane is high risk. When the condition of the air is bad, then the mother becomes stressed. The mother may lack oxygen and experience shortness of breath. While the baby in the womb requires oxygen. When this happens in the final trimester, it can happen premature labor or the baby dies in the uterus.

5. Smoking

"Babies born to mothers smokers almost always have low birth weight," Ovy said. Smoker mothers cause babies to get blood through the placenta less, so the acid in the blood a little. As a result the baby's weight was lower than the baby of the mother did not smoke. So, during pregnancy even long before pregnancy, this useless activity should be stopped!

6. Rontgen

Radiation should not be done, whatever the indication. All forms of radiation have the potential to harm the development of the fetus. At this time the fetus is under development. All types of radiation can disrupt the development of cells. So that mutation of cells that can develop into cancer, defects and so on. If x-rays are needed, such as for dental fractures or dental rays, you should tell your doctor that you are pregnant.

7. Sauna

During pregnancy this activity is not fun at all. Especially done in a confined space and hot air. While pregnant women have experienced many evaporation from the body with frequent sweating.

8. Shower night

Which should be considered pregnant women hygienic problems. If not bathing, can arise mushroom because pregnant women sweat a lot. So, it is okay to take a bath at night, provided not to shivering cold. If you do not want to bathe, at least wash away with washcloth, clean the pubic area, clean the skin folds.

9. Working in front of the computer

Radiation from the computer can be very small. So, pregnant women may work in front of the computer of origin not too long. Note also the attitude of the body, so no complaints arise back pain. Try as often as possible to move. We recommend that every 1-2 hours you do other activities, such as a walk or a brief limbs.

10. Driving

If the pregnancy is not a problem, you are allowed to drive. But, note the distance and length of driving. Frequently change the position to relax the leg muscles. Do not delay urination because it is too fun to drive.

Entering the third trimester of pregnancy, you need a driver. An enlarged belly will make it difficult for you to drive well. In addition, it also avoids unwanted possibilities, such as contractions while driving.

11. Diet

Diet is not good for the condition of the mother and baby, because it can lead to deficiencies of vitamins, minerals and other foodstuffs. Diet should only be done with the approval of a doctor.

Some pregnant women are actually recommended diet from certain foods. The goal, of course, is not to lose weight, but so that the mother's weight does not increase excessively.

Normal weight gain while pregnant no more than two kilograms a month. If necessary, reduce certain types of foods that can gain excess weight, such as cake, tart, biscuits, fatty and sweet foods.

12. Cat

Avoid contact with paint, even if only inhaling the smell of thinner. Because the substances contained in the paint can enter the body. No wonder there are people who feel dizzy after kissing the smell, especially for pregnant women. It is not known for sure whether the paint material can be harmful to the development of the fetus or not. But prevention is always better, is not it?

13. Cleaners and shine

Cleaners contain chemicals that can be absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream where the fetus is developing. So, avoid direct contact with skin. You should wear gloves if you require pregnant women to use a cleanser or polish.

12. Hair dye

There is no evidence to suggest that chemicals in hair dye are harmful to the fetus. But, on the other hand, hair dye was not proven safe at all. So, should be temporarily postpone the desire to paint hair.

13. Cosmetics

Actually cosmetics contain chemicals, although the amount is very small. The content of mercury in cosmetics is known to be harmful to the fetus. Therefore, consult a cosmetic expert, what products are safe for pregnant women.

14. Stockings

Do not restrict the circulation of blood in the leg during pregnancy, because it can cause swelling. So, do not use stockings that wrap your legs tightly.

We recommend using the stockings of soft materials if you feel the need to wear them to maintain the beauty and warmth in the air-conditioned room. Patients with varicose veins can still use special stockings varicose veins.

15. Shoes

Selection of shoes during pregnancy is more on comfort and safety. The body changes, it is important to avoid shoes that will burden the lower back and leg muscles. Just as high heels can risk slipping, falling and dislocating legs.

As well as the better-heeled heels, should also support the legs well. Also avoid that can cause you to fall or slip. When buying shoes the size is slightly larger than usual, in anticipation of the swollen feet common during pregnancy.

16. Alcohol

Should not consume alcohol at all during pregnancy. When women like to drink alcoholic beverages should be stopped before pregnancy occurs. There is no safe level of alcohol consumption during pregnancy.

The alcoholic drink will enter the baby's blood through her mother's blood. While the fetal liver is not yet functioning optimally, the alcohol will still circulate in the blood.

In women who drink excessive amounts of alcohol, most will be at risk in infants. Alcohol can inhibit physical growth, brain and so on so that babies are born with physical disabilities, heart damage and mental retardation.

Although there is a mother who says, "I drink alcohol, my child is okay, really." But, all studies show the incidence of fetal growth is hampered much higher in infants with mothers who drink alcoholic beverages. So, its not causative but risky.

17. Half-cooked meat

Meat should be processed until cooked, because the food comes from animals can contain bacteria, parasites, protozoa and even various types of worms. In half-cooked eggs can also be found salmonella that can lead to typhoid.

Foods that contain these germs can enter the mother's blood and cause infection, for example, toxoplasma. All infections in pregnant women cause interference in infants. To find out the blood test. If you are infected, your doctor will do the best for you.

18. Birth control pills

When you have not realized you are pregnant, may still take birth control pills. No need to worry too much, because birth control pills do not directly cause effects on the fetus, such as a disabled baby.

Moreover, synthetic hormones in birth control pills are about the same as natural hormones the body produces. But, stop immediately after knowing you're pregnant.

19. Caffeine

Drinking caffeinated beverages is okay, provided coffee is not excessive. But, remember, caffeine is an influential stimulant and can increase the production of stress hormones. This increase causes reduced blood flow to the uterus and decreased oxygen reaching the fetus. So, consuming a lot of caffeine is not good for you and baby.

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