Recognize the Dangers of Drugs to Health - Recognize the Dangers of Drugs to HealthInternational Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking or commonly referred to as World Anti Narcotics Day every year is commemorated on 26 June. The event was commemorated by the United Nations in order to expand awareness to reach a community free from drug abuse worldwide.
Recognize the Dangers of Drugs to Health

Each year, individuals, communities, and organizations around the world support this anniversary with campaigns. On the occasion called for a variety of negative effects of drugs on health, economy, and various other aspects.

In 2018, the theme raised for International Anti-Drug Day is "Listen First" translated as "Listen first". This theme intends to remind parents, health workers, teachers, and every human being that is closely related to youth and young adults to establish good relationships and always provide positive support for the generation, in order to avoid drugs.

Then, what are the negative effects that can be caused by drugs for the health of the body? The use of illicit drugs has a series of effects on various organ systems. This condition also depends on the type of drug used, duration and dosage of use, the health status of the individual concerned, as well as various other factors. The health effects that occur can take place in the short and long term, with effects that occur directly or indirectly.

The effects of drugs for health

Short-term effects that occur shortly after the use of illegal drugs can vary. Starting from changes in appetite, alertness, changes in heart rate, blood pressure, mood, to various medical conditions such as heart attacks, stroke, psychosis, even death. While long-term effects that can occur can include heart disease, lung, cancer, mental disorders, hepatitis, and much more.

Drug use in the long term can cause dependence or addiction. Drug addiction is one type of mental health condition that requires treatment.

Indeed not every individual who uses drugs will experience addiction, but drug use in some individuals can change the way the nervous system works in the brain. Changes that occur in the brain can also affect individual perceptions related to several things, including food, intimateual relations, the ability to make decisions, learn, remember, and others.

In addition, drug use also has a range of indirect effects, both for users and those around them. Things that can be affected by the use of illegal drugs can be the intake of food consumed by the individual, sleep patterns, decision-making ability and impulsivity, the risk of injury, violence, trauma, or infectious diseases.

Drug use can also affect babies born to women who use these drugs during pregnancy. From a wider perspective, the negative impact of drug use can also be seen from the level of education, employment, shelter, relationships, and criminal behavior.

It has been commemorated since 1989, International Anti Drug Day held to provide information and raise awareness about various health problems caused by drug use. With the many negative impacts caused by illicit drugs on health, it is vital for all parties and layers of society to jointly avoid and overcome their use and dissemination.

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