Stay Positive Entering Menopause with these Tips - Stay Positive Entering Menopause with these TipsIf you're a woman over 40 years old, menopause can be a frightening natural process. Get rid of that worry with these tips.
Stay Positive Entering Menopause with these Tips

In life, women undergo various reproductive phases from puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, pre menopause, and menopause. These phases are natural, including inevitable menopause. Menopause many feared women because it is considered to reduce and eliminate the attraction, sad because it is no longer fertile, and worry will affect the intimate life.

Menopause is a condition no longer occurs during menstruation due to inactivity of egg follicles. The menopausal transition period is calculated from the last menstrual period with a 12 month period of amenorrhoea (not getting the menstrual cycle).

Reporting from Healthline, here are tips on entering the menopause with comfort.

1. Improve health and start a new spirit

With the changes and symptoms that appear, suggest that menopause is your chance to improve health. Focus on stress reduction techniques such as doing good physical exercise to improve your health.

Changing the routine not only can overcome the changes that occur in the body, but also can help reduce symptoms when entering the menopause. Empowering yourself to create healthy life goals can also impact early in the menopause. Finding a simple way to deal with this period is very important, such as:

  • Revisiting sleep patterns
  • Drink more water
  • Eat more fiber
  • Try the new sports that are popular
  • Focus on strength or do weight training
  • Try new foods for variety of nutrients

Remember, part of this transition is the understanding that everything you do is part of the process. Indeed there will be changes in the body, but you change the way of view in adjusting. Psychological interventions aimed at enhancing physical and mental empowerment have been shown to help reduce menopausal symptoms while improving overall health.

2. Overcoming stress

Admitted or not, stress can really affect your physical, emotional, and behavioral health. Therefore, you who are entering the menopause is highly recommended to cope with stress as early and as possible.

This is very important. By taking the time to control thoughts and feelings, the effects of stress and changes that the body experiences can be reduced. Teaching yourself how to generate positive emotions and thoughts can lead you to a healthier and happier lifestyle.

3. Viewing menopause positively

It's okay to feel sensitive because of menopause. The most important thing is to see the whole process of change as something positive. You need not be ashamed of the changes. Be open to the people closest so they can better understand and you will feel better.

Menopause often leads to uncomfortable symptoms. For that, you are encouraged to early life to live a healthy lifestyle in accordance with the suggestion dr. Nadia.

"Set the diet, adequate calcium intake, avoid smoking, limit caffeine consumption. In addition, do not forget to exercise regularly at least 30 minutes every day. "

For some women, menopause is considered terrible. Menopause need not be feared, but welcome with a smile. If there is still a sense of concern, try mengandanganya from a different point of view because it is basically a natural process that can not be avoided so you can not help but adapt. Do the tips above as your motivation to become a positive and healthier person.

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