This is Why Teenagers are Vulnerable to Drug Addiction - This is Why Teenagers are Vulnerable to Drug AddictionMany people think that trying new things is legitimate when they are young. But unfortunately, the desire of teenagers to try new things is often too limits and leads to negative, such as trying drugs or other psychotropic substances.
This is Why Teenagers are Vulnerable to Drug Addiction

Not a new case, drugs among teenagers indeed become something that seems to have its own bond. It happens not without reason. Here are some of the most common causes why teenagers are particularly vulnerable to drug abuse:

1. Social pressure

Adolescence is a time of self-discovery. Often teenagers follow whatever their friend or group does, in order to be accepted into a social circle.

Therefore, if a group of friends or idols try a negative thing like drugs, they are also vulnerable to do the same so as not to be ostracized.

Media exposes such as social media, television series, or movies can also have a negative effect because they describe drug users as being cool, so they are vulnerable to other teenagers.

2. Escape from problems

Problems at school, at home, or a fight with a boyfriend can make a teenager feel unhappy and seek refuge in another. This form of escape can lead to negative things, such as drugs or alcohol.

Drugs became the most often chosen as an escape because it seemed to provide a solution. This is because drugs can give effect confident, happy, and energized, even if only for a moment. And if left unchecked, it can create drug addiction and lead to loss of life.

3. Form of rebellion

Teens who dare to try new things and become pioneers will usually stand out and be seen by the group. It can make teenagers who are hungry for recognition from their friends to try new experiences, including trying drugs.

Drugs seem to be "ammunition" for teens to act more daring and aggressive. Drugs of methamphetamine or better known as sabu can make teenagers act violently, aggressively, or even harmful to others.

4. Lack of confidence

Public speaking, appearing on school shows, or simply speaking to the opposite intimate can be a problem for the less confident teenager. Drugs are often a solution for such adolescents.

The use of certain types of drugs can indeed give effect for a moment, such as being more confident and not afraid to do anything. But the side effects that arise afterwards can be very dangerous, even to the point of death at once.

5. Pleasure for a moment

Although initially just for fun trying to fun for a moment, but this pseudo-happiness can make teenagers addicted to try it again and again.

In order for the intensity of euphoria that can settle, in the long run needed higher drug doses. As a result, they will be increasingly difficult to get out of the "vicious circle" created by drugs.

In fact, there are still many reasons why a teenager can fall prey to a drug addiction. Therefore, every parent should be more vigilant and do full supervision so that her child does not fall in the negative things. Remember that drug addiction not only brings a bad impact to its users, but also can spread negative effects to the environment and the people around it.

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