This Man Born and Breastfed Her Children - This Man Born and Breastfed Her ChildrenThe 24-year-old Sebastion Sparks is different from fathers in general. As a transgender who already has a wife, the man from Atlanta, USA gave birth to a child and even breastfed her baby after birth, but Sebastion preferred to be considered a father instead of a mother.

This Man Born and Breastfed Her Children
This Man Born and Breastfed Her Children
Reported from CNN, Sebastion was born as a woman and began to transform into a man five years ago. Her life as a new man can really feel complete after lifting her breasts a month ago. Now, his son Jaxen is 20 months old.

As she grew up as a woman in the Locust Grove area of ​​Georgia, Sebastion began to sense the strangeness of her body. He felt like a man trapped in a woman's body. Sebastion even admitted very hate when know breast grows on his chest.

Five years ago, Sebastion met Angel, a woman born as a man. There he fell in love with the man who is now his wife. What is interesting is that after marriage, Sebastion and Angel play the role of father and mother in general, getting a child even though this means they are fighting against their soul's desire to be the opposite intimate.

"Getting pregnancy does not matter to me, but still maintaining a pregnancy is a very difficult thing to do," said Sebastion.

In the first experiment, Sebastion suffered a miscarriage. Luckily, while pregnant for the second time, he managed to give birth to Jaxen with healthy condition and survived.

After giving birth to Jaxen, Sebastion also acts as a mother by always feeding her. With the shape of his face and body that already looks like a real man, many people are amazed to see him nursing.

After her breastfeeding was completed, Sebastion also chose to actually become a father by way of surgical removal of her breasts. He also hoped his son grew to regard him as a father.

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