Tips for Motivating Children Without Need to Reward

Roseous.comTips for Motivating Children Without Need to RewardMotivate children without the need for rewards. Learn these tips below.

Have you ever motivated your child while offering to reward? Maybe the child will soon comply with your request. Not because you want to help, it could be because he expects a gift that you offer at the beginning.

Reported by Psychology Today, you are actually using classical learning techniques in psychology. The logic behind applying this method is intuitive enough, that the valued behavior is more likely to be repeated.

In addition to humans, this action is often practiced in pets such as dogs. The impact is certainly good and potent.

The problem is how this action works. What the reward system does is teach someone to expect rewards for certain behaviors. The danger, if you stop giving rewards, then it could be someone reluctant to do what you ask.

When you ask the child to do something, they may respond by asking for something first. This is what, according to some studies, can undermine the development of internal motivation.

For example, if you encourage your child to learn by giving them a toy. Consequently, the motivation of the child's learning may be entirely based on receiving the gift, not by the desire to be better.

Based on the recommendations dr. Karin Wiradarma from KlikDokter, you can motivate your child without the need to give reward in the following way:

1. Awaken the child's interest

First of all, find out your child's interests first. If the child is interested in something, he will be happy and eager to do so. The child will feel curious and try more.

Therefore, it is important to know the child's interest in something. You can also arouse children's interest in something that is important and will be useful for the future.

"Do not underestimate or assume that his pleasure for a thing is useless. You can advise, but do not denounce or degrade that interest, "said dr. Karin.

2. Looking for a lack of motivation

Does your child look lazy and unenthusiastic? Do not immediately label him as a lazy child and scold him, let alone threaten to punish him if he violates or gives unsatisfactory results. It will only cause him to get angry and lose his motivation.

Sit with him. Ask carefully what the problem is, why he does not like and does not want to do a certain thing. Tell me the importance of doing it - for example, learning, completing homework - for herself, and what the consequences would be if she did not study well in school.

According to dr. Karin, parents should also not criticize the child. Instead, turn the child on by saying that he can do it and you are proud of his achievements later, whatever the outcome.

3. Be patient

You have to be patient and wait, do not give up. Do not be tempted to push the child too far, which is risky to make him lose motivation and despair.

Usually, at this point you are tempted to motivate your child by offering rewards. Should not first do that because fear will become a habit.

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As a parent, try to understand that giving rewards is not always good for getting kids to do better. The real important goal is to instill intrinsic motivation to the child, where the drive for good behavior comes from self-desire, not out of wanting to get a reward or a fear of punishment.
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