Tips to Decrease Facial Pores

Roseous.comTips to Decrease Facial PoresBasically a large pore pore hole is influenced by genetic factors. But with age, the pore holes tend to become larger especially for oily faces. Large pores can reduce the appearance of supple skin. Not infrequently, because the problem of these pores causes a face blackheads and acne.

 Tips to Decrease Facial Pores

Causes of Large Facial Pores
  • Facial skin is not clean
  • Blockage of pores due to dirt or cosmetics
  • Use of inappropriate cosmetics
  • Excess oil secretion
  • Genetic factors

Tips Minimize Pores

There is no permanent way to reduce the size of the pores, but there are some tricks that can make your pores look smaller. Here are some ways:

1. Maintain Cleanliness

The main cause of the pores look bigger is when the dirt clogged on the face. For that, regularly clean the face that is accompanied by the use of moisturizer. When cleaning the face of soap, use cold water because it is useful to shrink the pores.

2. Toner

Toner works as a cleaning oil and dirt left over while cleaning the face so it can help shrink the size of the pores. How to use toner is after facial cleansing and before using moisturizer.

3. Moisturizer

Facial moisturizers can overcome dry skin and reduce excessive oil production on the face. For that, remember to always use a moisturizer so that the pores on the face can look smaller.

4. Foundation

In addition to the make-up base, the foundation was also used to absorb oil on the face and make the skin look soft. For that, choose a quality foundation to outsmart the size of large pores.

5. Powder

After using the foundation, the last step is to use powder. Choose a powder type powder, which can absorb oil better and certainly provide a facial skin effect that looks softer

6. Ice Stone Facial

Ice cubes can make the pores appear smaller due to the cold effects it produces. The way to do ice stone facials is by rubbing ice cubes on a large porous face after cleansing the face, done before the use of toner and moisturizer.

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7. Apply Lime

Take a lemon, choose an estimated amount of water, cut a piece and apply on the face, leave for a moment (7-10 minutes) then wash with warm water.

8. Egg White Mask

Take 1 tablespoon of egg whites and mix with 10 drops of pure honey, then blend on face, leave to dry, do not say to avoid cracks in hardened facial skin, rinse with cold water.
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