You Like Angry Without a Cause? Probably 4 Things That Become the trigger

Roseous.comYou Like Angry Without a Cause? Probably 4 Things That Become the triggerYou may know someone whose emotions are easily ignited by trivial matters. Or maybe, just you yourself like that? Angry is the outburst of normal emotions. However, continuing to grumble without a definite juntrungan certainly not good for health and well-being - as well as for your relationship with others around. Therefore, you need to know what makes you like anger without cause so you know how to deal with it right away.

Like mad without cause? Probably because…..

1. You lack of sleep

According to Julie de Azevedo Hanks, Ph.D., LCSW, family counseling psychologist, says that there are some things that can cause people to get angry without cause. The thing that often causes emotions to burst involuntarily is because you're tired or not getting enough sleep.

Lack of sleep can cause the brain to participate in fatigue so that work decreases. As a result, you are difficult to concentrate, so like confused yourself, difficult to think clearly, to be difficult to digest new information. Exhausted body coupled with the work of the lackluster brain to make your productivity sharp decline which then bear fruit into stress.

Stress due to job demands plus various effects of lack of sleep can make your emotions explode like a time bomb. For example, you feel anxious because your work is not finished, when deadlines are mepet. Then, if someone else is asking about your work or anything else related to the job, you can get angry easily. In fact, you should not have to be upset to respond.

2. You are depressed

Hanks also said that someone who likes to get angry without cause can be caused by depression he may have, whether consciously or not.

In addition to causing despair and suffering, depression can also cause a person easily angered. In fact, sometimes, depressed people can respond to things with behavior or rude speech. Depression may also make someone do things that are risky, for example like driving recklessly at high speed.

Anxiety disorders can also make a person easily explode. This is because excessive anxiety can make them difficult to regulate emotions. People who are anxious tend to be negative about something, even though what is imagined has not happened or even potentially good. As a result when there is a situation that is quite challenging or when provoked with unpleasant conditions, they meluapkannya in a way angry.

Depression and anxiety disorders should not be underestimated. If lately you are often angry but feel very tired and not energized to move, also always feel depressed, you should consult a doctor to get the right diagnosis and treatment.

3. You feel neglected

In addition to some of the above, psychologist Rebecca Wong, LCSW, argues that the sense of being ignored or ignored by the people around can make a person so irritable.

Humans are essentially social beings who hope and seek satisfaction from social relationships. When the needs are not met, this can create negative emotions. One of them is anger.

The simplest example of the most common (also cliché) is the mother who likes to get angry at home. Her nagging reflects that she actually expects her husband or children to help with the house. But because he can not express his wishes, not infrequently mother wreaks it by looking angry for no reason. Actually, why there is.

Being angry can also be an outburst of emotion that comes to the surface because you had wanted to control or get something out of your ability, but failed to get it.

4. You have a certain disease

If it is not caused by the various triggers above, the cause of your anger for no reason may be rooted in the disease you have all along. For example hyperthyroidism, which often occurs in women, and high cholesterol.

The thyroid hormone controls all things related to the metabolism of the body. If the amount is excessive in the body, hyperthyroidism can cause you to become nervous and difficult to concentrate. This can also be the reason why you like to shout when talking so it always looks like being angry, said Dr. Neil Gittoes, an endocrinologist at University Hospitals Birmingham.

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Meanwhile, statin drugs usually used to manage high cholesterol symptoms can lower serotonin levels in the body as a side effect. Serotonin itself is a hormone released by the brain to create a sense of happiness, calm, and satisfaction. Low serotonin can make a person vulnerable to emotions to trigger depression.

How do I not get angry easily?

In addition to the various things mentioned above, there are still many things that can be your trigger irritability. Therefore, try to find the cause factor so you can decide what steps should be taken to reduce the bad habits.

There are several things you can do to prevent getting irritable:
  • Be aware of signs when you want to be angry, for example when the feeling starts to feel bad and the throbbing headache that can trigger your anger to appear.
  • Express your emotions without blaming others (writing, singing, or even shouting with your mouth closed the pillow).
  • Take a deep breath when you want to get angry.
  • Avoid negative thoughts that can make you angry.
  • Lastly if the emotions have subsided, apologize to those who have been subjected to your tantrums.
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