10 Countries with the Most Rare Diabetes Cases in the World

Roseous.com10 Countries with the Most Rare Diabetes Cases in the WorldDiabetes mellitus aka diabetes is a chronic disease that the incidence has increased in recent years. This happens because diabetes is a disease that occurs due to unhealthy lifestyles, ranging from eating excess food, high sugar or cholesterol, and lack of physical activity.

Data released by the International Diabetes Federation and World Bank in 2017 reported that 6 out of 100 adults in Indonesia have diabetes mellitus. If sorted from countries with the lowest incidence of diabetes in the world, Indonesia is ranked 89th.

10 Countries with the Most Rare Diabetes Cases in the World

On the other hand, these 10 countries have the lowest rates of diabetes mellitus among other countries:

1. Benin

The country located in West Africa has the smallest incidence of diabetes in the world. International Diabetes Federation reports, of the 100,000 adult population living in Benin, only 1 person has diabetes.

Benin is a poor country. Everyday, the main food consumed is grains, such as corn and sorghum (a type of fibrous food) and vegetables. To taste, the people of Benin mix food with home-made sauces made of tomatoes, nuts, eggplant and pepper. It is known that these simple foods contribute in preventing the occurrence of diabetes.

Nevertheless, despite the low incidence of diabetes, the unoptimal hygiene of Beninians and poor health services leads to low life expectancy. On average, the population can live only until the age of 59 years.

2. Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is famous for being the most friendly country in the world. Most of the population works as farmers, and has a low economic level.

Zimbabweans consume a thick slurry made of grains and ground grains, plus green vegetables, given peanut sauce and tomatoes.

Eating outdoors is not a Zimbabwean custom, even if they live in urban areas. The diet makes the people of Zimbabwe avoid the risk of diabetes mellitus.

Unfortunately, due to various health-related myths that are still widely believed Zimbabwean society, health status of the country's population is still in the sphere of infectious diseases and malnutrition.

3. Gambia

The smallest country in Africa has a unique diet, which is a blend of typical African food and western food. This is because Gambia was once colonized by British colonies for 200 years.

The Gambia people's daily diet is benachin (a mixture of rice, spicy meat and tomato puree), mashed potatoes combined with domodah (steamed butter), and chura-gerteh (porridge from nuts and edible rice) along with yoghurt).

Most of Gambia's population lives from farming. In fact, the women there also spend more time in the fields. The combination of day-to-day physical activity in rice fields and food habits that contain lots of fiber makes Gambia residents rarely have diabetes mellitus.

4. Greenland

Greenland is a country in the Americas which has the smallest number of diabetes in 2017. Surrounded by rocky waters and plains, the country's main food is fish and vegetables. Both can be obtained easily and at a cheap price.

In addition, the Danish government and kingdom also support the welfare of Greenland residents by providing free health facilities for all residents. Due to easy access to health and healthy food, the incidence of diabetes mellitus in this country can be minimized.

5. Burkina Faso

Like Benin and Zimbabwe, Burkina Faso is also located in West Africa. Including the poorest country on the African continent, the main food of the Burnika Faso population is a kind of pasta made from cornmeal, otherwise known as To. These foods are eaten warm, and mixed with peanut sauce.

Because of his belief, people in this country rarely eat meat. This is because the local people use the meat as an offering for the gods.

Burkina Faso residents work as farmers or ranchers. Most spend their time in the fields. Economic limitations in this country can reduce the incidence of diabetes in this country.

6. Ivory Coast

The country also known as Cote d'Ivore is also located in West Africa. Although included in a poor country, Ivory Coast is a country with the best economic level in Africa.

The main food residents of Ivory Coast are corn, rice, yams, and cassava. Generally, the food is consumed along with nuts, vegetables, and some meat or fish.

His typical food is called isfoufou, a type of pasta made from sweet potatoes, eaten with spicy sauce and fish. Because the food is likely to be low in cholesterol and sugar, not many people who have diabetes.

Unfortunately, the incidence of HIV AIDS and other infectious diseases in Ivory Coast is still high. In fact, many deaths occur due to infection problems.

7. Cape Verde

Cape Verde is a country in Africa located in the Atlantic waters. The main food of the population is corn. The typical food of Cape Verde is called Cachupa, which is dried corn steamer, beans, mixed with vegetables and meat. For breakfast, most residents eat bread made from rice flour, eaten with milk, honey, or bitter coffee.

Maize consumed by the people of Cape Verde includes foods with a low glycemic index. That is, not enough blood sugar levels jumped after eating these foods. This makes Cape Verde residents have a lower risk of developing diabetes mellitus.

In addition, well-accessible and free health facilities also make Cape Verde residents healthier than residents in other African countries.

8. Guinea

Guinea is one of the poorest countries in Africa. Due to the economic conditions are mediocre, most residents only eat once a day. The food is in the form of cassava, corn, or sorghum which is given a combination of sauce, beans, okra, and tomatoes.

The incidence of diabetes is rare in this country. But due to inadequate eating habits, many of the residents who suffered malnutrition malnutrition.

9. Guinea-Bissau

Although the name is similar, Guinea and Guinea-Bissau are two different countries that are equally located in West Africa. The main food is dried corn.

As is known, dry corn including carbohydrates with low glycemic index so that the incidence of diabetes is quite rare. The bad news is that the life expectancy of the Guinea-Bissau population is quite low due to the high incidence of malaria and tuberculosis.

10. Liberia

Derived from the word "liberty", the state of Liberia is a former colony of the United States in the 19th century. Patrilineal system is very strong adopted in this country. Women take care of all the affairs at home, from cooking, cleaning, raising children. While men work in plantations or rice fields.

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To go to work, the distance traveled from home far enough. Generally, the Liberian community travels on foot.

In this country, the water source is not easy to get. To get water at home, residents must walk far enough to carry dozens of liters of water. Severe physical activity performed by men and women in Liberia can reduce the risk of diabetes.

Most countries that have few cases of diabetes mellitus was originated from the African continent, the health level is quite low. Things that can be used as a lesson is to control the diet, by increasing fiber intake and reduce fatty foods, and do enough physical activity. Greetings healthy!
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