5 Annoying Changes Aged Aged 40 Years

Roseous.com5 Annoying Changes Aged Aged 40 YearsEntering the age of 40 a number of changes will come to you. Like it or not, your body will in time give you signals of aging. Maybe you should wear glasses to help the power of the vision began to fade. For women, getting closer to menopause, the body decreases the hormone estrogen so it can be frustrating and uncomfortable.

According to Laura Berman, author of Quantum Love, middle-aged problems are often a frightening specter especially for women. Even such topics are often avoided. "They are sometimes reluctant to discuss it at all. Therefore, many women are suffering in silence, "he said.

Although both physical and mental changes are inevitable, it is important to know how to overcome them. At the very least, this issue can help calm your uncomfortable feelings.

What are the irritating changes to the age of 40 that can happen? Reported Prevention, refer to the following list:

1. Trouble with memory

If you become forgetful lately, do not panic and immediately conclude that it is dementia. Being forgetful is indeed one of the symptoms before menopause. But, it can also happen when you are busy and a lot of thoughts.

"Everyone has a" foggy "moment (being forgetful, difficulty concentrating, etc.). But does that mean we will all suffer from Alzheimer's? No, "says Susan Besser, MD, a provider of health services from Mercy Personal Physicians in Overlea, Maryland, United States.

Furthermore, Besser says that there are many tests that can be done to determine whether this forgetful condition is serious or not. So, take it easy, you can consult a doctor to find the cause and handle it.

2. Hard to hold urination

Pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause can contribute to the loss of bladder control in women. In fact, the feeling of wanting to urinate often comes when coughing, sneezing, or laughing. As many as 40 percent of women over the age of 40 experience this.

To overcome this, the one thing you can do is Kegel. In this exercise, you squeeze the muscles in the pelvic area and genital to strengthen it. This can help improve control of the bladder.

3. Hair begins to fall out

Due to hormonal changes, hair loss can occur as menopause begins to approach. There are a number of solutions to deal with this problem, one of them by buying certain vitamins. However, if you lose a lot of hair, it is advisable to visit a doctor who can prescribe drugs to stimulate his growth.

4. Grow hair in certain places

As women get older, estrogen levels and testosterone levels rise, causing hair growth on the face, chin, knuckles, to toes. No wonder if observed carefully, the hairs can appear in the area under the nose to the chin like a mustache and beard.

You can solve this problem by tweezing, waxing, laser hair removal, electrolysis, and hair removal cream prescribed by your doctor. But if the hair growth is not significant, then just use tweezers only.

5. Gray hair

Yes, gray can be one of the main sources of problems. Entering the age of 40 years, gray hair is one fact that must be faced even though there are actually who experienced this phenomenon before the time.

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Some people let gray hair and follow the style of the present, while others feel uncomfortable and paint it with the color of the original hair. All return to their respective choices, but keep in mind that certain paints can be harmful, both for hair, scalp, to breathing.

There is a saying that "life begins at age 40". Entering the age there are a series of irritating changes that can happen to you. Consult your doctor to prepare for your health condition, as well as face a number of physical changes when entering the age of 40 years.
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