5 Health Conditions that Increase the Risk of Miscarriage

Roseous.com5 Health Conditions that Increase the Risk of MiscarriagePregnancy problems not only revolve around frequent morning sickness, difficulty eating, the fetus does not grow well, and premature birth. More than that there are also problems of pregnancy is quite complicated and can happen to anyone, especially women who are too young pregnant or whose content is not too strong. The problem is a miscarriage that women fear very much.

Miscarriage usually occurs during pregnancy entering the age of 12 weeks or more. This condition will make the baby unsaved and it is also possible that women experience bleeding and other health risks. Women who have miscarried. Also can not get pregnant again or at least 2 months after the new tragedy can occur fertilization again.

Miscarriage in women occurs due to several factors below.

1. Abnormalities in the uterus

After conception and a small fetus develops, an implant or attachment mechanism in the uterine wall will occur. This mechanism of plastering of the uterus runs naturally and will become the place to hang the baby for several months before being born after the age of 9 months over several days.

Implants on the uterine wall usually run by itself. However, if the uterus aga abnormality either from shape, surface, to environmental conditions, the fetus will be hard to stick. As a result of this condition a miscarriage will be easy to happen so that the need for care or strengthening the fetus for pregnancy goes well.

2. Immunity disease

The body has a strong and difficult predictable self-defense mechanism. Anything that goes into the body like sperm and anything that grows abnormally will be considered a bully. The body will send antibodies to attack so that other cells are not affected.

This immune disease will certainly harm women who are pregnant. The sticking fetus finally can not survive because it continues to be attacked. Immunity disease that attacks the fetus is indeed rare, but it can happen to anyone. Currently there is no appropriate healing techniques, doctors and researchers are still conducting trials.


PCOS is a condition of increased testosterone levels in a woman's body. This increase can result in abnormally abnormal menses and eggs coming out at the wrong time. When fertilization occurs, this condition also suppresses a new layer formed in the uterus so that the fetus is hard to attach perfectly.

The condition of PCOS is experienced by many women out there. However, you do not need to worry because this PCOS can be overcome with either oral medication such as medformin that has been clinically tested to reduce the risk of miscarriage in women.

4. Bacterial infection

Good bacteria actually live in the male and female reproductive systems. However, there are some bacteria that can cause miscarriage in women. The bacteria are mycoplasma hominis and ureaplasma urealyticum. One or both curry duets cause a disturbance to the fetus so that the possibility of a miscarriage is very large.

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The infection of the two bacteria above is easily overcome with antibiotics. Consult your doctor about any medications you can use.

5. Lifestyle

The last thing that greatly affects the health condition of the fetus in the womb is the lifestyle. Women who are overweight to smoke are prone to miscarriage. To overcome this problem women are advised to make a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy and during the process of pregnancy planning.

Hopefully after reading some points above you so know a lot about the problem of miscarriage and how to overcome it.
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