5 Most Frequent Mistakes When Controlling High Cholesterol

Roseous.com - 5 Most Frequent Mistakes When Controlling High CholesterolOf course you already know that high cholesterol is associated with heart disease and blood vessels of the brain. But unfortunately, many are still making mistakes when trying to control his cholesterol. Mistakes in the way cholesterol-lowering can have adverse health effects, or even increase cholesterol. What are common mistakes?

1. Not checked blood cholesterol levels

The first step to control cholesterol is to check cholesterol levels. You can not treat something without knowing your cholesterol levels. Therefore, do not hesitate to check your cholesterol levels.

The action of cholesterol check is also important to know the health condition of a person and determine the steps that need to be done. In a very high cholesterol state, the administration of drugs is necessary.

2. Eat lots of carbohydrates

Many people think that reducing cholesterol levels can be done by reducing fat intake, and replaced with carbohydrates. Carbohydrate intake, such as rice or bread, in excessive amounts also has the potential to cause elevated cholesterol levels.

3. Diet is too tight

Not a few people who make mistakes when setting the diet to lower cholesterol. They assume that by doing a strict diet, then he was on a low-fat diet.

In fact, with the number of calories are too little, the number of calories that enter the body is not balanced with the expenditure of calories. Doing a strict diet can also cause a lack of various nutrients needed by the body.

4. Less fiber diet

One that is often done when low-cholesterol diet is the amount of fiber that is not noticed. Fiber is a food that can not be digested by the body. Therefore, almost most of the fibers will be removed during defecation.

Sufficient amounts of fiber are not only good for gastrointestinal health, but also lower cholesterol levels. Fiber consumption is also useful in slowing the absorption of sugars from food, thus preventing the spike in blood sugar in diabetics.

5. Delay taking medication

One of the mistakes often faced by people with cholesterol is to delay taking medication. In the state of cholesterol that is difficult to deal with lifestyle changes, then the provision of drugs is the choice. Do not be afraid to start taking medication, because delaying taking medication can actually trigger an increased risk of heart disease and blood vessels.

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Now, you already understand what mistakes people often make in controlling high cholesterol. Do you have high cholesterol? If you experience it, here are some tips to reduce your cholesterol levels:
  • Reduce the intake of fried foods. Expand the processed foods by boiling and steaming.
  • Avoid foods that contain lots of cholesterol, such as chicken skin, fatty meat, egg yolk, squid, and shrimp.
  • Regular exercise. Types of exercise that can be done to lower cholesterol is aerobic exercise that aims to increase endurance. For example walking, cycling, gymnastics, and swimming. Do regular exercise three times a week.

To reduce high cholesterol levels, not only required intentions but also sufficient knowledge about things that may or should not be done. It is important that you do not make mistakes that can actually worsen cholesterol levels. Remember, in addition to the right diet. do not forget to exercise to get optimal results.
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