6 Causes of Acne on the Cheeks and Tips to Overcome them

Roseous.com6 Causes of Acne on the Cheeks and Tips to Overcome themAcne problem is really troubling, especially the appearance of acne on the cheek. Acne on the cheek is difficult to cover because we are also advised not to use a makeup that is too thick when acne is emerging.

Another problem of acne on the cheeks is an inflamed acne condition that often causes the face to become red. This certainly makes us uncomfortable with the appearance of our faces. In order for your confidence to come back, identify the causes of acne in the cheeks and how to overcome them below!

Causes of Acne on the cheek

The cause of acne on the cheek can be derived from external factors as well as internal factors of the body. Here are the 6 most common causes of cheek acne!

Indication of internal medicine

The first cause of acne comes from the internal body. Acne on the face can indicate a disturbance in our body. Based on a face mapping acne, acne on the cheek is an indication of a lung disorder. If you feel strange symptoms on the breathing and also coupled with the appearance of acne on the cheek, immediately consult yourself to the doctor.

Eat the wrong foods

The cause of this one acne does not happen to everyone. But this is proven to happen often in some people especially those who have sensitive skin and acne prone. Some foods that often lead to acne in some people include junk food, oily food, foods with high sugar content, and much more.

Smartphone setup

Smartphones are rarely cleaned can be a hotbed of bacteria and germs. In addition to frequent contact with hands, smartphones will also often come into contact with the cheek when we call. The condition of this less clean smartphone can trigger the movement of bacteria and germs from the smartphone screen to the cheek which then trigger acne.

Cleaning the face less than the maximum

Cleaning the face with less than the maximum can also trigger acne on the cheek. Sometimes we already feel the face well from dust and pollution, but what about the rest of makeup? The rest of the makeup is usually more difficult to clean and potentially left on the facial skin.

The area of ​​the cheek is the area that pretty much hit make up ranging from concealer, foundation, powder, blush on, contour, to highlighter. This multilayered makeup certainly requires extra effort to be completely clean.

Less to maintain environmental cleanliness

In addition to facial hygiene issues, environmental hygiene issues can also lead to acne on the cheek. For example like you who have a habit of sloping sleep, have you made sure the cleanliness of the pillow you use?

Another example is the habit of using a mask with the intention of protecting the nose and mouth from pollution, have you masked your mask clean? Always pay attention to every object that comes into contact with your face because all the items have the potential to leave germs and acne disease bacteria.

Habit touches the cheek

The habit of touching the cheek may often be unconscious. Sometimes we just intend to make sure whether our makeup is still good or just want to make sure there is any dirt on our face. Unfortunately this habit is often not accompanied by efforts to keep hands clean.

How To Eliminate Pimples

Acne problems on the cheek that you can solve the troubleshooting tips to remove acne on the cheek following.

Face mask

Tips to get rid of the first acne is to use a face mask. You can try different types of masks on the market or make your own natural masks at home with natural ingredients such as rice water, aloe vera, lemon, papaya, and tomatoes are known to overcome acne.

Clean face with maskimal

How to get rid of the next acne is to always clean the face with the maximum. Clean your face twice a day when morning and night. Do not let any residual makeup, dust, and also dirt on the face. Perform facial exfoliating process at least once a week to clean up the debris that remains in the pores.

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Maintain cleanliness

Keep your environment clean to reduce the growth of bad bacteria around you. Clean your smartphone screen regularly, change your pillowcase every few days and make sure your hand is always clean when touching face.

Acne medication

If acne is difficult to cure by using a face mask, you can also treat acne with acne medication. There are various acne medications that you can get in pharmacies ranging from drug to medicine ointment-shaped. But if the acne more stubborn should consult with your doctor immediately to be handled with other methods.
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