8 Characteristics of a Pregnant Person

Roseous.com8 Characteristics of a Pregnant PersonHow the hell Are the characteristics of a pregnant person? Doctor, I got in touch with my partner without a condom 3 weeks ago, am I pregnant? Doc, I was 1 week late from my menstrual schedule, am I pregnant? Many questions to the doctor asking if it is pregnant. Preferably the characteristics of pregnant people are known as early as possible, because if a woman is pregnant then need to maintain the condition of pregnancy. Pregnancy is the condition of the woman carrying the embryo or fetus in her body. The early days of pregnancy determine the health of the fetus and the mother. Early in pregnancy usually shows specific traits.

8 Characteristics of a Pregnant Person

Some of the characteristics of pregnant people that can be known are still an early indication.

Before reviewing one by one signs or characteristics of pregnant, keep in mind that the characteristics are only an early sign or so-called indications. To make sure clearly whether a woman is pregnant you should use a pregnancy test kit or a so-called test pack. It is also advisable to see a doctor for more exact and accurate testing and verification of pregnancy.

Here are 8 characteristics of a pregnant person:

1. Nauseous vomit

One of the characteristics of a person who is pregnant is nausea and vomiting. Although these pregnant characteristics are called morning sickness, complaints of nausea and vomiting can occur anytime of the day. Nausea and vomiting begin to show up at 7 to 9 weeks of gestation, or earlier. Nausea of ​​vomiting is due to increased beta-HCG hormone. There are several ways to overcome nausea, vomiting, though you do not have to worry about these symptoms will usually disappear after the age of 12-12 weeks.

2. Easily tired and unwell

Although not all women feel it, feel tired or less well also become one of the characteristics of people who are pregnant. Usually, you will feel like a cold, body aches and like to have the flu. However, you do not have to worry as this is not harmful. You just need to rest. Easily tired and less well-bodied which is the characteristics of this pregnant will be felt during the first and third trimesters.

3. Breast swelling and black nipple

Pregnancy does provide changes in the body. Well, one of the characteristics of people who are pregnant is a change in the breast. Well, breast swelling usually occurs early in pregnancy and the nipple will be wider and darker. Therefore, you are advised to choose a comfortable and appropriate bra for pregnant women, especially when exercising.

4. Cravings and sensitivity to odors

Cravings and taste for a food can be the most visible pregnant personality traits. For example, you really like certain foods before pregnancy, but during pregnancy you do not even like the food at all. Smelling the food just makes you nauseous.

The characteristics of a person who is pregnant can also vice versa that you really want a particular food. The characteristics of a pregnant person in the form of cravings usually occur in the first trimester. Women who are pregnant will also usually experience a sensitive smell, such as against perfume, cigarettes, and the smell of stinging cuisine.

5. Frequent urination

The characteristics of a person who is pregnant is an increased intensity of urination. This is usually caused by a growing uterus and pushing the bladder. As a result, you also frequent urination continuously.

6. Spots and abdominal cramps

The characteristics of people who are pregnant is experiencing spots (spotting) in the form of pink or brownish fluid with abdominal cramps. Not all pregnant women experience spots and stomach cramps. On the other hand, the cause of spots and stomach cramps is not known for certain. The strongest conjecture is the attachment of the fertilized ovum to the uterine wall.

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7. Late menstruation

The most obvious characteristics of a pregnant person is that you experience menstrual delays. Well, if menstruation is too late, you should immediately perform a pregnancy test.

8. Test pack

The characteristics of pregnant women experienced by a pregnant woman are subjective, so to be more precise you can do a home pregnancy test by using a test pack that can be purchased at a pharmacy.
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