Apply These 7 Important Things When Kids Start School -  Apply These 7 Important Things When Kids Start SchoolEntering the new school year, of course the Little requires a series of preparations before starting the first day back to school. What are the important things to keep in mind when the child starts school again?

One of the factors that must be considered is health. It is important for you to pursue several things that can support your child's health during school activities.

Apply These 7 Important Things When Kids Start School

However, child health is not the only thing that is needed. Here are seven important things you need to apply to your child when you start schooling again:

1. Get enough sleep

Children need enough sleep. Besides useful for refilling energy into the body, while sleep occurs the process of renewal of cells in the body. One is a hormone that is useful for the growth and development of children.

When the child is sleep deprived, his body becomes less fit and difficult to concentrate when listening to the lessons delivered at school. Recommended sleep duration in children depends on age and usually decreases with age.

Children aged 3-5 years need to sleep for 11-13 hours every night. Meanwhile, children aged 6-13 years need to sleep about 9-11 hours. When the age of 13-18 years, the child will need sleep for 8-9 hours per day.

2. Familiarize the consumption of healthy and nutritious menu

It is common knowledge that healthy food consumption plays an important role in maintaining the health of children. The menu should meet the needs of nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, and vitamins in balance.

Breakfast is one of the important meal times because it has great benefits for children. Children who always skip breakfast time tend to have difficulty in concentrating and easily tired when in school.

A healthy breakfast menu such as whole grain cereal or green smoothies can keep your blood sugar levels steady. This will help her be better equipped to run the activities at school. Fresh fruit and milk can also be mixed into cereals to increase nutritional intake.

To avoid children eating unhealthy snacks and not guaranteed cleanliness when at school, should the Small take stock from home. You can insert his favorite food to make him more excited.

3. Keeping the body clean

Make sure the Little Bath twice a day, ie in the morning before leaving for school and the afternoon after he finished the move. Germs attached to the body during the activity risk making sick children.

Also, teach children to get used to washing their hands with soap and running water. For example before and after meals, after the toilet, after sneezing or coughing, and after touching dirty objects.

4. Routine exercise

Teach children to exercise regularly early on. This habit will be brought until he grew up. At least school-age children can do physical activity at least 60 minutes a day and can be divided in some time.

Exercise can improve the quality of physical, mental, emotional, and social development of children. In addition, the time and quality of the child's sleep will be better if he regularly exercise. Regular exercise will make children more focused and eager while learning.

Apply These 7 Important Things When Kids Start School

Encourage the child to follow extracurricular activities that match his interests. For example soccer, basketball, or badminton.

If the distance between home and school children is not too far away, you can also familiarize walking on foot and leave school. Or, when delivering or picking up a child, you do not have to accompany him until the school. Give him the chance to experience walking activities.

5. Recommend with school environment

Every child needs direction from parents. Children may experience difficulties whenever they enter a new situation or environment, including when they start school. Therefore, you need to introduce the child to the school environment, even before the learning program begins.

You can take the child to school a few days before school time begins. Introduce him with his teacher, his new classroom atmosphere, to illustrate what school activities can be fun and motivate him to learn.

6. Keep the environment clean

Most of the time the child is spent at home. So, make sure the home environment is clean so as not to become a place of development of germs that become the source of disease. In addition, make sure your home has adequate ventilation as a medium of air exchange.

Keep children away from exposure to secondhand smoke if at home there are family members who smoke. The quality of clean and healthy environment can support the health condition of the child, so he is more leverage in running the learning activities.

7. Give it a play time

Basically children love playing activities. Take your time to play with him. Play time can be a solution to eliminate child fatigue after studying in school.

Play time can also be made as a moment to understand the condition of the child when having problems at school. Thus you can also help find the solution.

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When children start school, of course you want to help so that he can develop his potential to the maximum, including by paying attention to the cleanliness of the body and the environment. Let's prepare the best for your child!
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