Are You a Food Addiction? Here's the Solution!

Roseous.comAre You a Food Addiction? Here's the Solution! Food addiction can be experienced by anyone. A person may experience food addiction due to many factors. Some things that affect the condition is the unstoppable desire, certain body abnormalities, to the content of addictive foods.

You who are addicted to certain foods will usually find it difficult when trying to avoid it. Basically, people tend to crave certain foods when the brain sends a signal, that the body is asking for food intake.

Are You a Food Addiction? Here's the Solution!

How can one be addicted to food?

In fact, the rational mind of man realizes that food addiction is unhealthy. Unfortunately, some other parts of the brain continue to trigger a passionate desire to eat again. Some people do not have this problem, while others seem to have no control whatsoever.

Reporting from, some foods such as junk food stimulate the gift system in the brain in the same way as cocaine. For certain people, eating junk food can cause addiction like a narcotic user.

There is a system in your brain called a reward system. This system is designed to reward when doing things that encourage survival, for example, eating.

When eating, the brain will assume that you are doing something right. This condition causes the brain to release a group of chemicals including a dopamine neurotransmitter interpreted by the brain as a pleasure.

Because of these chemicals one can be tempted by some foods. Take control of yourself by living your lifestyle and eating healthy nutritious foods.

Signs You are addicted to food

Food addiction is certainly not good for your health. There are various negative effects on health when a person has started to overdo the consumption of certain foods (or drinks). To find out if you are a food addict, you need to recognize a number of symptoms.

Reported from, here are 6 signs you experience the condition:
  • Appears the desire to eat certain foods, even though you are already full and enough nutritious food.
  • When you finally eat the food, you are hard to stop chewing. You can not control your craving.
  • Appears guilt has consumed the food. But, the next day you eat it again and again.
  • Your mind continues to seek justification why it's still okay to eat it. For example, "it's a deadline", "need a mood booster", "just once in a while", and a myriad of other reasons.
  • Over and over you try to stop the habit of eating foods that cause addiction, but it never works.
  • You are not able to control the portion of the meal even though you know that the food may endanger health.

Overcome food addiction

When addicted to food, digestive organs can be disrupted and cause you to rest at home. In order not to be mistaken, you can overcome the food addiction in the following ways:

1. Sleep longer

Food addiction can be triggered by lack of rest time. Because the appetite is strongly influenced by hormones that soar due to lack of rest. That is why when sleep deprivation, the body will more easily feel hungry. Therefore, rest enough, even longer, to overcome the nature of food addiction.

2. Consume more protein

Adding more protein to the diet is very useful for reducing appetite. If you consume protein as much as 25 percent of total calories, you can reduce food addiction by 60 percent.

In addition, by eating more protein, you can reduce the desire to eat light meals at night by as much as 50 percent.

3. Avoid stress

Stress is often touted as a cause of sweet food addiction. Most women often vent their stress by eating lots of high-calorie sweet foods, and eventually get addicted.

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When you experience stress, the hormone cortisol in the blood will increase. This hormone will make your weight increase. Therefore, avoid stress so you are not addicted to sweet foods.

Food addiction can be a bad thing. To avoid it, identify the signs of food addiction and do the above preventive measures. In order for your efforts more effectively, arrange a healthy diet or diet so that your daily intake patterns can be controlled.
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