Between Chickens and Fish: Which's Healthier to Eat?

Roseous.comBetween Chickens and Fish: Which's Healthier to Eat? Which do you prefer as a side dish, whether eating chicken or fish? Both are food sources of protein that the body needs. However, still both must have different nutritional content. So, from these two sources of protein, which one is healthier and more nutritious?

Better to eat chicken or fish for side dishes?

Chicken and fish include white meat which is cheaper and healthier than red meat. But if you have to compare between chicken and fish, which is better which one?

Between Chickens and Fish Which's Healthier to Eat

Chicken and fish protein, which is more?

Protein content in chicken and fish is quite high, not even inferior to beef.

One piece of medium-sized fresh chicken without skin (whole chicken pieces 8) which approximately weighs 40 grams has a protein content of 7 grams. At exactly the same weight, a serving of 40 grams of fish also contains 7 grams of protein. So, the protein content of both are equal.

How about the fat?

When compared with red meat, of course fish and chicken meat have less saturated fat content. With the note that you eat chicken meat without skin, yes! Because the chicken skin has a high enough fat content.

If you eat one piece of chicken (40 grams) without skin and not processed by frying, then the fat is only about 2 grams only. With the same weight, one piece of fish also has as much as 2 grams of fat.

However, what distinguishes both is the type of fat. Fish fat is a type of omega 3 fatty acids. Although not all fish have it, omega-3s have been shown to help normalize cholesterol, blood pressure, and prevent free radicals forming in the body. Omega-3 fatty acids are found only in deep-sea fish, such as salmon, sardines, and tuna.

Comparison of other nutrients

Chicken meat and fish are also equally enriched by various minerals and vitamins. For example, iron. But when compared, the chicken tends to have more iron, especially in chicken liver. Every 75 grams of chicken liver that has been cooked contains iron around 6.2-9.7 mg. While in 75 grams of tuna and salmon there is as much as 1.2 mg of iron.

So, should I eat chicken or fish?

Actually, it's better if you keep consuming both as a side dish of your animal protein. So, eating chicken or fish is good for your health. The thing you should remember is the more diverse your food, the more nutrients you will get. So, do not keep eating the same foods every day.

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Another thing to note is the way of processing these two animal side dishes. If you want to maintain its nutritional content, you should avoid cooking with fried. You can make a team, soup, baked, or just sauté it.

The reason, frying in oil will only add calories to your chicken or fish. What was chicken and fish did not contain a lot of saturated fat, eventually it actually contains the bad fats due to fried processing. So, not only food is important to choose, but you must pay attention to how to cook it.
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