Beware, High Cholesterol Can Increase Stroke Risk

Roseous.comBeware, High Cholesterol Can Increase Stroke RiskHigh cholesterol is still a scourge of disease for many people. But unfortunately, there are still many who underestimate. Even many who do not know that high cholesterol conditions can lead to stroke.

Until now, stroke still occupies the first position of "killer" the most violent. Data even shows, from 5 deaths that occur each year, 1 of which is caused by a stroke. The high rate of stroke is supposed to make everyone aware of the dangers and threats brought by him.

High Cholesterol Can Increase Stroke Risk

Avoiding strokes can be a good step to reduce the risk of future events. One of those steps is keeping cholesterol levels low. Various studies have shown that high cholesterol may be a culprit of potentially life-threatening strokes.

Get acquainted with cholesterol

Essentially, cholesterol is the fat that is formed by the body and comes from what we eat. Not always cholesterol is evil. There is also cholesterol that is good and needed by the body.

This type of good cholesterol is called high-density lipoprotein (HDL). The higher the HDL level, the better for the body. HDL will help a person to stay healthy and avoid dangerous diseases such as heart attacks and strokes.

In contrast to HDL, this type of bad cholesterol called low-density lipoprotein (LDL) is very harmful to health. When the amount is excessive, this bad cholesterol will accumulate in the walls of blood vessels.

Not only small blood vessels become victims, but also large blood vessels that drain blood, oxygen and food to the heart and brain. When it is clogged, the welfare and health of its cells are the main victims.

How one takes care of himself and leads a life turns out to greatly affect the amount of cholesterol in his body. Improper lifestyle can contribute to boost cholesterol levels and increase the risk of various illnesses. Lifestyle and risk factors are as follows:

  • Eat foods high in fat
  • Have excess body weight
  • Lack of exercise
  • A history of high cholesterol in the family
  • Gender (menopausal women are at higher risk of high cholesterol than younger age)

The danger of high cholesterol

As already explained, excess cholesterol in the blood will accumulate in the walls of blood vessels, both small blood vessels and large blood vessels.

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These small blood vessels drain blood on the eyes, kidneys, and fingertips and toes. Not only small blood vessels, blood vessels that are larger in size also did not escape from the intersection of this cholesterol pile. These large blood vessels drain blood to the heart and brain. When blood flow is disrupted due to blockage, these organs become victims.

In blood vessels to the brain for example, cholesterol piles will inhibit the flow of oxygen, food and various other important substances. Well, cells that lack food and oxygen is slowly going to decrease condition, hampered work and eventually die. The death of brain cells is characterized by stroke.

To prevent the occurrence of stroke, cholesterol control is one of the key. Apply the right diet right now. Get used to the consumption of nutritious food balanced with a variety of healthy menus. Avoid sources of bad cholesterol such as fried foods, butter, fatty meats and animal offal. Instead, multiply foods that contain lots of good fats like salmon, tuna, sardines and beans.

Cholesterol in the normal range is required by the body. However, high cholesterol conditions can increase the risk of stroke. By maintaining a healthy diet, cholesterol remains stable, the risk of stroke can be minimized. May be useful!
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