Birth is More Current with 5 Important Vitamins Near Birth

Roseous.comBirth is More Current with 5 Important Vitamins Near BirthThe moments before labor are sure to be quite thrilling moments, yes. Various preparations have been done with the maximum, both physically, economically, until psychological.

Well, in addition to these 3 things, pregnant women can also prepare labor well through the intake of nutrients, or vitamins, which is able to support the smooth delivery, you know.

Yes, preparations to support a smooth delivery can also be attempted by choosing foods that are sources of nutrients or certain vitamins.

Several types of vitamins can provide super benefits in support of smooth delivery by providing a good supply of energy and support by optimizing the function of cells and organs.

Curious what kinds of vitamins and nutrients that are important to meet the mother before the pregnancy? Let's see the explanation below!

1. Vitamin B6

Intake of vitamin B6 is one of the intake of vitamins that should be satisfied pregnant women ahead of labor, because vitamin B6 has a function that helps the process of formation of red blood cells, supporting the formation of better energy and support various functions in the respiratory system.

These three things are certainly an important benefit in supporting a smooth delivery process.

For that, pregnant women can meet the needs of vitamin B6 by eating food sources of vitamin B6, namely animal meat, both red meat and poultry meat, and nuts, such as soybeans, almonds, red beans, or edamame beans.

2. Vitamin D

In addition to vitamin B6, vitamin D also has an important role in supporting a smooth delivery.

This is because vitamin D, in addition to having a function to support bone density and bone and nutritional strength of the mother & fetus, also has the function of controlling blood sugar levels in the mother's body before delivery. This is certainly important considering high blood sugar ahead of delivery is not a good condition.

For that, pregnant women should meet the needs of vitamin D from exposure to enough sun, and eat foods that contain lots of vitamin D, such as milk or dairy products such as cheese.

3. Omega 3

In addition to the two types of vitamins above, omega 3 has an important role in supporting a smooth delivery process.

This is because omega 3 has a good function for general health and heart health. This condition is certainly very good for the mother's body more optimal health ahead of delivery.

Birth is More Current with 5 Important Vitamins Near Birth
Omega 3
Omega 3 intake can be met by eating fish, some types of fish that contain lots of omega 3 is tuna or salmon.

4. Potassium

One type of mineral that is important to support the smooth delivery is potassium. Potassium proved to help muscle contraction is good so that supports the delivery more smoothly.

Pregnant women can meet the needs of potasium ahead of labor by eating food sources of potassium, one of which is a banana.

5. Complex carbohydrates

In addition to the 4 types of vitamins and minerals above, one of the important nutrients that pregnant women should be fulfilled so that energy intake during pregnancy can be met is a carbohydrate type of complex carbohydrates.

Complex carbohydrates are a type of carbohydrate that can support a better energy intake and supply more durable energy. Certainly very important to support the high energy needs ahead of delivery.

Karbohidrat kompleks dapat dipenuhi ibu dari bahan makanan pokok yang kandungan seratnya cukup tinggi seperti nasi, nasi merah, roti, roti gandum, mi, atau beberapa jenis umbi, misalnya kentang atau singkong.
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