Careful Choosing Gentle and Irritating Baby Cleansing Items

Roseous.comCareful Choosing Gentle and Irritating Baby Cleansing ItemsThe bathing routine of Little is very pleasant. But there is more important than just bathing, which protects the baby's skin from irritation and skin problems. You can do this with a safe baby skin cleanser and free from harmful ingredients.

Compared to adult skin, baby's skin is thinner, more sensitive, and more susceptible to bacterial infections and irritation to certain substances. This condition will increase the risk of irritation, dry skin, redness, and allergies. Therefore, Mother should be more careful in choosing baby skin cleaning products.

Tips for Choosing the Safe and Right Baby Skin Cleansing Products

Given a very sensitive baby skin, then the product used can not be equated with skin care products for adults. The principle of choosing baby skin care products is actually very easy, the less the chemical content used, the risk of irritation and damage to the baby's skin is also getting smaller.

Here are tips on choosing the right baby cleaning product that is safe for baby skin:

  • Read the packaging label

Make sure the baby's skin cleanser product contains a mild formulation material and is able to maintain healthy baby skin pH, and not sore in the eyes.

  • Choose a product with a mild cleanser on the skin

If the Baby's skin is not facing a problem, the use of baby skin cleansing products with a few mild fragrances, such as essential oils and plant extracts, can be used in small quantities. But, if the skin of the Little Tends to dry or suffer from eczema, then avoid all products that contain perfume or fragrance. The content of perfume on soap is known to cause irritation to the skin of the Little.

  • Avoid detergent and alcohol content

In addition to perfume, the detergent and alcohol content of baby soap can irritate the baby's skin and eyes, and cause allergies. So choose a detergent-free and alcohol-free cleaning product. Keep in mind, alcohol has other names ethanol, ethyl alcohol, and cetearyl alcohol.

  • 5.5 levels like healthy baby skin

Choose baby cleaning products with ideal pH information, which means the pH level of the cleanser has been adjusted to close the pH value of healthy baby skin. This can help maintain the health of the baby's skin layer.

  • Avoid antibacterial or antimicrobial products

It is recommended not to use products with antibacterial or antimicrobial labels. Antibacterial ingredients are not commonly used in skin care products that are formulated for infants, because they are at risk of irritation and dry skin.

  • Hazardous chemicals

Choose products that are phthalate, paraben, and formaldehyde free. These chemicals are known to be potentially harmful to the baby.

The Importance of Alkali-Free Soap Cleansers and Soda.

Baby's skin normally does have a lower pH (about 5.5). low pH on the baby's skin plays a role in the process of forming a protective layer of fat on the baby's skin, to prevent the occurrence of skin damage due to irritation or exposure to foreign substances. Therefore, it is advisable to choose soap products or baby skin cleanser that has a pH similar to the skin of Little.

Baby skin cleansing products with alkaline and soda-free information are also recommended for Little. Alkali content is widely used for soap products. The alkali used in soap making is NaOH (sodium hydroxide) and KOH (potassium hydroxide). According to the study, alkaline soaps will change the skin's pH balance in infants. And increase the risk of irritation.

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Generally, soaps with soda content are made from sodium hydroxide or sodium carbonate.

Sodium hydroxide or sodium carbonate is corrosive to all body tissues, which means it can cause serious damage to the eyes and respiratory system. Swallowing these harmful substances poses a risk of severe tissue damage, constriction of the esophagus, even death. Skin exposed to this substance is at risk of dermatitis and hair loss.

Be sure to always test new products that will be used on your child, to avoid the risk of allergic reactions. How to apply the product on the wrist or small arms. Note, if redness or irritation develops within the next 24 hours, then do not use the product.

If the baby's skin often has a rash, dry, and looks chapped due to the use of certain products, you should replace the product with another product, or consult a doctor for further treatment.
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